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To Enhance NPA Operations: APM Terminals Brings World-Class Equipment

by News Manager

MONROVIA: The Freeport of Monrovia, the ‘gateway’ and ‘heartbeat’ of the Liberian economy, experienced increased activities.

Fresh reports from the Free Port of Monrovia indicate that APM Terminals-Liberia has brought two new cranes.

Also, over the weekend, our monitoring team came across images via social media platforms which originated from port workers.

These posts show several gigantic equipment which have been brought to the country.

The equipment has inscription, “APM Terminals.”

A visit to the port area to conduct investigation of these images made us to come in contact with two gigantic towers and machinery being off loaded.

Further investigation led us to contact the Commercial Department of APM Terminals- Liberia.

Thomas Moore, Commercial Manager of APM Terminals Liberia hinted this paper that the terminal operators have come good on a promise made to the National Port Authority (NPA) last year.

The equipment is known as a Mobile Harbor Crane. This crane is a universal all-rounder and a key asset for handling containers and heavy lifts of general cargo.

“As you can see, there is ongoing work here at the terminal as we have taken delivery of these two latest generation Liebherr Model 600 Mobile Harbor Cranes, a few days ago. We’ve had this project ongoing for over a year now. We ordered the cranes in January, but due to some unforeseen delays, we just managed to take delivery of them. The team is working hard to get them into operation in the next month or two. We will keep you posted on the developments,” Mr. Moore added.

The World-class equipment which came from Germany will significantly increase the cargo handling capacity at the port, increase the productivity of the Port and reduce the waiting time of vessels.

This means, the reduction of prices in the market for goods imported into Liberia and a direct boost for the nation’s economy.

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