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Don’t Replace Weah With Baokai …Simeon Freeman Cautions Voters Against Making Big Mistake

by News Manager

BY: Frank P. Martin

MONROVIA: The Standard Bearer of the Movement for Progressive Change (MPC), Simeon Freeman, has strongly condemned former Vice President, Ambassador Joseph Boakai, for seeking the Liberian Presidency in his “old age.”

According to Mr. Freeman who too is seeking the coveted Liberian Presidency in the 10, October, 2023 polls, Ambassador Joe Boakai struggles daily with “his poor health condition.”

Freeman asserted that the Unity Party (UP) Political leader, alias “Rescue 1” is trying to gamble the Liberian Presidency to his vice running mate, Jeremiah Kpehe Koung, political leader of Movement for Reconstruction, founded by Senator Prince Yormie Johnson, alias “PYJ.”

The MPC presidential candidate told his supporters and well-wishers that when Joseph Boakai is elected President of Liberia, he will be unable to complete his six-year constitutional mandate due to his fast-declining health and aging problem.

“Joseph Boakai is old; he wants to die in the chair,” the MPC Standard Bearer told residents of Montserrado County, District# 8 in Soniwien Community over the Weekend.

According to Mr. Freeman, Ambassador Boakai is a “failed politician” who amassed wealth at the detriment of poor people for twelve years (12) but is still living in a state of pretense.

Mr. Freeman asserted that the former Vice President is among few individuals in the Liberian opposition space who should not be discussing about rescuing the ordinary people from abject poverty after he admitted to have squandered several opportunities while he was serving as Vice President to former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf (EJS).

According to Mr. Freeman, Boakai as Vice President of Liberia, benefited from over US$2.5 million annually which was allotted to his office, without direct impact on the very Liberian people that he is now claiming to rescue.

Mr. Freeman maintains that nothing good would be achieved in terms of national development under Boakai’s Presidency.

Freeman: “He had all the budgetary support as Vice President for twelve good years. That money allotted to his office under those periods could equal to little over 30 million United State dollars. Can we ask him what he did with all the money as Vice President when he claimed to still be living on loan? When I sit down, I sometimes wonder who is fooling this Oldman with rhetoric?”

Freeman further told hundreds of residents of Soniwien, one of the many deprived Communities in Central Monrovia: “We all know George Weah is a footballer who doesn’t know anything about governance, so if we want to retire him, we should not make a mistake to retire him with someone like Joseph Boakai who has nothing to bring to the table, especially considering the current global challenges.

Freeman: “Nations around the world are advancing technologically and economically, for which George Weah fines it difficult to understand as young man. So, what will Boakai who is old and wanting to die in the chair bring to the discourse with the complexities of issues facing the World today?”

The Liberian businessman turned politician told the gathering that he has solutions to address the numerous challenges facing the country.

“I am the alternative to the Presidency. The best thing to do is to elect me as your President and see the difference we will bring to the table,” Simeon further told the citizens.

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