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NaFAA Warns Against Consumption Of Dead Fish, Sea Animal

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MONROVIA: The National Fisheries and Aquaculture Authority (NaFAA) has warned the public against the consumption of a dead fish (sea animal) found on the seashores or beaches, saying that such an act could be extremely dangerous to those involved.

The warning from NaFAA comes amid concerns that some citizens of the Palm Bush Community in Duazon, adjacent the Silver Beach, were seen cutting through a dead sea animal assumed to be a sperm whale for consumption.

NaFAA said in a release issued here that the public should desist from such acts immediately as feeding on a dead fish without knowing the cause of death could be extremely harmful to the population involved.

The entity expressed fear that these are ways in which diseases are spread from one person to another, leading to an epidemic.

Meanwhile, NaFAA disclosed in the release that it is working with other relevant institutions to ensure that the carcass of the fish is removed from the beach to avoid any chance of others consuming it.
Courtesy: LINA

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