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JNB ‘Shakes’ ‘Bassaland’ …Opens Up On Why Liberia Must Be Rescued

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By: H. Richard Fallah

BUCHANAN, GRAND BASSA COUNTY: Unity Party Standard-bearer, Joseph Nyuma Boakai, has assured citizens in Grand Bassa County of a “New Liberia” under his presidency when he is elected on October 10, 2023.

Speaking Sunday, on September 24, 2023, at the Grand Bassa County Campaign Launch of the Rescue Mission, Ambassador Boakai noted that it is time for everyone including the people of Grand Bassa County to prepare for a new Liberia wherein everyone would have the opportunity to contribute to national development and progress.

He said the struggle to have Liberia regain its proper place in the comity of nations is not about him (Boakai), but every citizen, especially young people who, he said, are the most vulnerable to the current socio-economic challenges that the country faces.

“No one respects our country again, Liberia used to be respected years back, but the situation is different under this leadership, we cant all sit and allow it remain like this, thats why the rescue team has come to encourage you to join us bring back our country’s respect and restore its dignity,” Boakai asserted.

The former Vice President assured the people of Grand Bassa County, that under his administration, if elected as President, he will make sure concessionaires in the county and other parts of Liberia, live-up to their respective commitments in line with the contents of their respective concession agreements.

He noted that Liberians have suffered and continue to suffer in their own country to survive economically while foreigners are the ones running the country and living better lives, instead of the people who own the country.

“You are living like foreigners in your own country, while those who come from other countries are the ones living a comfortable life, but we are coming to change that, you can trust me on that,” he assured.
He encouraged the people of Bassaland to look at all of the situations they have encountered over the years and kick President Weah and his team out of state power via the ballot box on October 10, 2023.
The former Vice President further assured Grand Bassa that in a short period of time, after his election as President of the country, there will be more investors in Liberia, and citizens will have more jobs and opportunities to live improved life.
JNB, as he is affectionately called by his admirers, told the people of ‘Bassaland’ that he is not confined to a wheel-chair as it is being said by his critics.
“The first charge they had against me is that I sleep; now I am not sleeping; then, they came again and said; he is in a wheel-chair; and after that, they told you that I am old; the thing about them is, they don`t have message for you,” Boakai told thousands of his supporters at the Fair Ground in Buchanan.

Ambassador Boakai also thanked the people of Grand Bassa who he said are the driving force behind the rescue team, for the support shown him, describing the turnout on Sunday, September 24, 2023, at the Fair-Ground, as the biggest he has ever seen in the county.

He promised them that the love shown him will not go unnoticed, instead, he will make sure if elected as President, that the people of the county start to benefit from their resources and other developmental initiatives.
The Presidential hopeful started his three (3) days campaign tour in Grand Bassa County on Friday, September 22, 2023, beginning with Compound one where he received a rousing welcome from Chiefs, Elders, Religious leaders, the Young people and other citizens of District#1 at the Farmington Bridge in Grand Bassa County.
While in District#1 Ambassador Boakai told the citizens that the six (6) years given President Weah are enough for him (Weah) and that it was time to let the ex-soccer star leaves the Presidency.

He maintains that President Weah along with his team, has done bad work than good for the Liberian Nation.
“Six (6) years are enough for the man, he and his thieves continue to hurt this country, and it is time that they leave to give chance for a better Liberia,” JNB Blasted.
He said that his going to the people of Bassa with the rescue team, was not to be noticed or just dance and leave but that he reached out to them to explain why it is important to rescue the country and bring it back to the Liberia that everyone used to know.
The Unity Party Standard-bearer also visited Compound three (3) and the Liberia Agriculture Company (LAC), Plantation where he was greeted with a huge turnout by workers, their dependents and other community dwellers.
While in Compound-Three (3), the former Vice President promised the people to give them, if elected as President, better roads and building of vocational schools for others to learn various kinds of trade with emphasis on the young people.
Boakai: “We will fix your road, see how roads here are bad, if you can, on your own make some efforts to get it to where it is now, we can assure you, if you elect us, we will work with your lawmakers, to give you a better road; we will also build vocational schools for you, especially your children to have skills and begin to help you and themselves, grade school or universities may not be for everyone one, thats why we must offer a space for everyone.” He further told the workers on the LAC plantation, that their lives can be made better. He noted that rubber tapping is not a poor job as others are benefiting and living good life out of it in other countries. “I have traveled to Malaysia and other countries, and rubber tappers there have cars and houses for themselves and living better life, but Liberia, it is different here, and thats what we want to change,” JBN maintained.

For her part, the National Campaign Chairperson of UP and Senator of Grand Bassa County, Nyonblee Karnga Lawrence, thanked the people of Bassa for the love and commitment always given her.
She noted that it was an exciting moment for her especially the way in-which the people of Bassa turned out for the Rescue Mission Campaign.
Senator Lawrence who is an influential political figure in the county encouraged the people to see the new Liberia in Ambassador Joseph Nyuma Boakai by voting him on October 10, 2023
The two-term female lawmaker expressed optimism that the people of the county will listen to her by following the rescue team in rebuilding a better and decent Liberia for everyone to enjoy and live peacefully.

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