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At WVS Tubman High School: Distribution of CDC Campaign Materials Disrupts Classes … As Aggrieved Teacher Accuses MCSS Authorities of “Witch-hunt”

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MONROVIA: Latest report reaching this paper indicates that mass distribution of campaign materials for the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), led to disruption of regular classes on the Campus of the William V.S. Tubman High School on 12th Street in Sinkor, Monrovia.

The William V.S. Tubman High School is being operated under the supervision of the Monrovia Consolidated School System (MCSS).

This paper gathered that as a result of the disruption of classes which occurred on September 7, 2023, the Chairman of the Economic Department of Tubman High School, Johnny D. Hopkins, has been threatened with dismissal by authorities of the MCSS, under which Tubman High School operates.

In a formal communication, dated September 8, 2023, and addressed to Mr. Johnny D. Hopkins, the Human Resource Director of MCSS, Hannah E. Rundell, indicated that Hopkins made a telephone call on Prime FM Radio Station 105.5 ‘Talk Show’ at which time he accused MCSS Superintendent, Zawolo of disrupting normal classes at the WVS Tubman High School with the distribution of CDC Campaign materials.

The communication further stated that contrary to the accusation made by Hopkins, Superintendent Zawolo was in his office during the time and date mentioned, performing his administrative duties, and as such, could not be elsewhere.

The MCSS Communication asserted that the act of teacher Hopkins contravenes the Civil Service Standing Order Chapter 2.2 (V), therefore, the Human Resource Management of MCSS suspended Hopkins for 15 working days until he can prove himself innocent, otherwise, the HR shall recommend his dismissal.

At the same time, the MCSS Human Resource Management strongly urged Hopkins to stay away from all MCSS premises and that he should therefore adhere to the mandate accordingly as contained in the September 8, 2023 letter.

However, in response to the letter dated September 19, 2023 and addressed to Superintendent Zawolo, teacher Hopkins accused the MCSS authority’s involvement in witch-hunt against him.

Hopkins also told MCSS of wrongly quoting the Civil Service Standing Orders, which according to him, has no Chapter 2.2 (v) as indicated in the MCSS Superintendent’s September 8 letter, but Chapter 2.1.2 instead.

Hopkins added that because of the sinister motive of the MCSS authorities and the anxiety to witch-hunt professional individuals like him, who do not subscribe to their ideology, the human Resource Director failed to accurately quote Chapter 4, Section 2,4.2.2 of the Civil Service Standing Orders which speaks of “Discourteous treatment to the public or employee.”

However, in a bid to ascertain the fact, a number of WVS Tubman High students who spoke to this paper on condition of anonymity for administrative reasons acknowledged that indeed on September 7, 2023, they received dozens of campaign materials bearing the inscription, “CDC,” from an individual who they could not name.

However, the students could not confirm or deny that the mass distribution of the CDC Campaign materials was facilitated or masterminded by the MCSS Superintendent.

Some of the students told this paper that the distribution of such campaign materials, bearing the inscriptions of the ruling party on the school campus could not have taken place had the measure not been authorized by any higherups.

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