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Harness The Power of Technology … ORANGE – Liberia Boss Challenges Liberian Youths

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MONROVIA: The Senior Manager, Orange-Liberia Digital Center, Mr. Zaza Mulbah, has challenged graduates of the Hermann Gmeiner International School – SOS Children Villages, to be catalysts of positive change.

Mr. Mulbah also stressed the need for the graduates to serve as architects of a Liberia that is not only connected but also inclusive and equitable.

Speaking over the weekend when he served as Keynote Speaker at the 18th Commencement Ceremony of SOS Children Villages, Mr. Mulbah told the graduates that their journey has just begun.

He noted that he has explicit confidence that they will rise to the occasion and make Liberia proud while at the same time cultivating bright and fulfilling future for themselves through educational empowerment.

He expressed gratitude to the Administration of SOS Children’s Villages for their unwavering commitment to providing education and a nurturing environment to children in Liberia.

He added that the dedication of the SOS Children Villages to changing lives is evidenced by the exceptional academic skills being demonstrated by the children.

Mr. Mulbah: “Today, I would like to explore a subject that holds immense significance not only for Liberia but for the entire world: “Liberia’s Potential: Opportunities and Challenges ahead.”

He asserted that the topic was inspired by the wisdom of Hermann Gmeiner who once said, “In every child, there is a potential that, if nurtured, can truly change the world.”
According to him, we are living in an era defined by rapid technological advancement and unprecedented connectivity.

He stressed that digital technology has become an integral part of our lives, shaping the way we communicate, work, and learn.

He noted that, in this digital age, the youth of Liberia have a pivotal role to play in harnessing the power of technology for the betterment of their nation.

According to the Keynote Speaker, digital inclusion is not merely about access to the internet and digital devices but also equitable participation of all citizens in the digital world, ensuring that no one is left behind as we journey into the future.

The Orange-Liberia official said Liberia, like many other nations, Liberia faces the challenge of bridging the digital divide and expressed the belief that the youths are the driving force that can bridge this gap.

He mentioned some key ways in which the youth can contribute to Liberia’s potential, exploring both its opportunities and challenges.

He named Education and Skills Development which they youths can invest in.

He encouraged Liberian youths to strive for education by acquiring digital literacy skills, and embracing other opportunities for learning in the fields of technology and Computer Science.

On the issues of Innovative Solutions, Mr. Mulbah said digital natives, have a unique perspective on the challenges facing Liberia.

He encouraged the graduates to use creativity and knowledge to develop innovative solutions that will address local issues, whether it’s in healthcare, agriculture, education, or governance.

Touching on Advocacy he told the graduates to be advocates for digital inclusion and raise their voices for policies and initiatives that promote universal access to the Internet, affordable digital devices, and digital literacy programs.

He stressed the need for gender equality in the technological sector, ensuring that opportunities are open to all.

Mr. Mulbah also told the graduates to consider the use of entrepreneurship in the tech sector and start-ups and small businesses in order to have the potential to drive economic growth and create jobs.

He stressed the use of entrepreneurial spirit to contribute to Liberia’s digital economy.

He also cautioned them to work with their communities to bridge the digital divide by organizing workshops, training sessions, and awareness campaigns to empower others with digital skills and knowledge.

Touching on Global Collaboration, the Orange- Liberia official said the digital world knows no borders.

Collaborate with individuals and organizations from around the world to bring knowledge and resources to Liberia and leverage international partnerships for the benefit of the Liberian nation.

“Remember, the digital transformation of Liberia is not an isolated journey, it is a collective effort that requires the active participation of all citizens, particularly the youth who represent the future of this nation,” he said.

He said young people’s energy, passion, and commitment to change can propel Liberia into a brighter and more inclusive digital future.

He asserted that the graduates were not just receiving diplomas but also a call to action while stressing that the world needs their ideas, skills, and leadership to address the challenges of our time.

“You have the power to shape Liberia’s destiny and make a lasting impact,” he indicated.

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