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Fire Wrecks Buchanan Port… Chief Boat Engineer Suffers Severe Burns

by News Manager

BUCHANAN, Grand Bassa County: On Sunday, October 15, 2023, Buchanan Seaport was a scene of fright and turmoil when a segment of the port was gutted by fire.
This paper gathered that fire incident left a boat completely destroyed with a crew member sustaining severe burnt injuries.

According to sources, the fire outbreak may have occurred when the captain of the burnt boat, not named, allegedly attempted to provide maintenance service to the boat, which had on board several drums of diesel fuel oil.

Sources who prefer anonymity for administrative reasons, indicated that the boat’s captain, allegedly neglected to follow several critical steps in the technical room, a situation which triggered the fire outbreak.

Fortunately, eyewitnesses said, firefighters from the Buchanan Seaport, ArcelorMittal Liberia, and the Liberian National Fire Service collaborated in successfully extinguishing the flames after several hours.

Stephen Mensah, Chief Engineer for the Commercial boat that got burnt to ashes suffered severe burns from his head to his legs and was promptly rushed to the Liberian Government Hospital for prompt medical treatment.

Fortunately, according to our sources, the primary facilities of the Port remained unscathed; thanks to the coordinated efforts of the Port’s fire team, ArcelorMittal’s fire brigade, and the Liberian National Fire Service.

Notably, the authorities of the Port of Buchanan have not issued an official statement regarding the fire incident at this time.
The Port of Buchanan, which is situated 272 kilometers southeast of Monrovia, is the second-largest port in Liberia.

It was originally constructed by the Liberia-American Swedish Mining Corporation (LAMCO) in the 1960s as a joint venture to facilitate the export of iron ore from the Nimba Range.

The port’s harbor is shielded by two breakwaters, measuring 1,890 meters and 590 meters in length.

Within the basin, a 225-meter-long ore loading quay is positioned adjacent to the commercial loading quay, providing a water depth of 10.5 meters below the chart datum.

Another waiting berth for ore carriers is available near the loading quay. On the inner side of the secondary breakwater, a 334-meter-long commercial quay with a water depth of 9.5 meters below chart datum is accessible.

The port’s access channel maintains a water depth of 11.5 meters below the chart datum and a channel width of 210 meters between the breakwaters.

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