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Possible Run-off …As Weah, Boakai Neck-to-Neck in Presidential Race

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By E. Geedahgar Garsuah

MONROVIA: With the release of 92.82 percent of results from the Tuesday, October 10, 2023, Presidential and Legislative elections by the National Elections Commission (NEC), the two leading candidates are gearing up for possible run-off election as the statistics shows that both candidates have failed to accumulates the 50 plus one percent of the total votes cast to win on the first ballot.

The NEC, during its regular elections press briefing yesterday announced the completion in tally of the results from 5,467 out of the total of 5,890 polling places across the country, constituting a total amount of 92.82 percent of the votes cast.

Out of the 92.82 percent announced by NEC, which accounts for one million eight hundred and eighteen thousand five hundred and forty votes (1,818,540), former Vice President Joseph Nyuma Boakai of the opposition Unity Party (UP) accumulated seven hundred forty-eight thousands four hundred and sixty-three (748,463), amounting to 43.70 percent.

Incumbent President George Manneh Weah of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) who took the slim lead with a 3,581 votes margin during Sunday’s pronouncement of the election result is now slightly behind the UP candidate with seven hundred and forty-seven thousand five hundred and seventy-eight (747, 578) votes with a percentage of 43.65.
With the balance 423 polling places, out of the total 5,890 polling places and the accumulated percentages of the both candidates, there is a likelihood of presidential run-off as the possibility for anyone of the two frontline candidates accumulating eight percent from the remaining votes seem highly unlikely.
As it stands, with the completion of 99.2 percent of polling places in Bomi County, UP has received twenty-five thousand two hundred and fifty-eight votes (25,258), constituting 52.69 percent while CDC is with eighteen thousands one hundred and fifty-two votes equaling 37.86 percent.
In Bong County, CDC is with a total of seventy-six thousand seventy hundred and seventy-six (76, 776), constituting 43.87 percent while UP comes with sixty-seven thousand, one hundred and twenty-four (67, 124) votes, equivalent of 38.35 percent from 99.2 percent of votes counted.
Grand Bassa recorded thirty-nine thousand, three hundred and forty-eight (39,348) votes for CDC, amounting to 43.36 percent out of the total 84.69 percent of the votes counted while UP got thirty-one thousand four hundred and ninety-eight (31,498) votes constituting 35.03 percent.
In Grand Cape Mount County, out of 69.90 percent of the votes tallied, UP accumulated nineteen thousand five hundred and five votes (19,505), constituting 45.04 percent while CDC received seventeen thousand eight hundred and sixty-six (17, 866) votes, amounting to 41.26 percent.

In Grand Gedeh, thirty-four thousand four hundred and nineteen (34,419) constituting 78.16 percent was recorded for CDC while UP took four thousand six hundred and thirty-eight (4,638) amounting to 10.53 percent out of 98.77 percent of the votes counted.
In Montserrado which is considered a political hotbed, UP received three hundred and thirteen thousand five hundred and seventy-two (313,572), constituting 46.36 percent while CDC came close with three hundred and twelve thousands four hundred and ninety-six equaling 46.23 percent out 97.36 of votes tallied.
Nimba County has recorded one hundred thirty-seven thousand four hundred and thirty-two (137,432) amounting to 59.93 percent for UP while CDC is lagging behind with fifty thousand two hundred and sixty-nine (50, 269) votes constituting 21.77 percent of 99.59 percent of the tallied votes.
For Rivecess County, CDC received fifteen thousand three hundred and ninety-eight (15,398) votes amounting to 58.50 percent out of one hundred percent of the votes while UP got six thousand five hundred and three (6,503) constituting 24.71 percent of the votes cast.
In Grand Kru, CDC received twenty-four thousand two hundred and twenty-two (24, 222) votes amounting to 79.55 percent while UP got two thousand five hundred and fifty-six (2,556) votes constituting 8.39 percent out of 99.03 percent of votes counted.
Margibi recorded thirty-six thousand eight hundred and fifty-six (36,856) amounting to 49.10 percent for UP while CDC received thirty thousand sixty-two constituting 40.05 percent out the total of 55.78 percent of votes counted.
In Maryland, CDC received thirty-four thousand nine hundred and nine (43,909) votes amounting to 73.03 percent of the votes while UP got five thousand four hundred and two (5, 402) constituting 11.31 percent out of 95.45 votes counted.
CDC took twenty-three thousand two hundred and fifty-two (23,252) votes amounting to 77.76 percent in Sinoe County out of 78.97 percent of votes counted while UP received three thousand four hundred and twenty-one votes amounting to 11.44 percent.
And River Gee, CDC accumulated nineteen thousand one hundred and three (19, 103) while UP took four thousand four hundred and seventeen (4,417) out of 97 percent of the votes tallied.
Meanwhile, Gbarpolu with and hundred percent completion of results UP got sixteen thousand seven hundred and three (16, 703) votes while CDC received fifteen thousand two hundred and forty-seven (15, 247).

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