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In Nimba: GC Boss Linked To Attack On NEC’s Data Center But…

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By: Frank P. Martin

GANTA CITY-The Chairperson of the state-owned Governance Commission (GC), Garrison Yealue, has categorically dismissed Report by the Elections Coordinating Committee (ECC), of his involvement in the recent attack on the Tallying Center of the National Elections Commission (NEC), in Nimba County.

Mr. Yealue, a senior Liberian Government official, is also the Deputy Campaign Manager for the re-election campaign of incumbent President George Manneh Weah.

Weah, a former global soccer legend, turned politician, is seeking another six-year constitutional mandate but faces a tough challenge by his main political rival, Ambassador Joseph Nyumah Boakai, former Vice President of Liberia and Standard-bearer of the former ruling Unity Party (UP).

Addressing a news conference on Monday, 16, October, 2023, in Ganta, Nimba County, Mr. Yealue claimed that he has been baffled by what he calls the “wild and unfounded” allegations of his involvement in any act of electoral violence in the Data Center of the National Elections Commission (NEC) in that part of the country.

On October 14, 2023, the Elections Coordinating Committee (ECC), a consortium of multiple civil society organizations noted in a statement that Yealue and his supporters went to the NEC Magisterial Office with seven vehicles filled with individuals believed to be supporters of the ruling CDC.
In Nimba County, ECC observers reported that Yealue and his men, identities not known, appeared at the Magisterial Office with seven vehicles containing individuals who were said to be supporters of the governing CDC.

The individuals, upon arrival at the NEC Data Center, were quoted as saying they went to the office to file a complaint. It is not clear as to whom said complaint was against and for what.

ECC also reported that some of Yealue’s alleged supporters entered the NEC Tally Center and subsequently disrupted the Vote-Tally proceedings.

“This led to the suspension of the process for several hours during voting the day which compelled national and international observers to leave the center. The situation was brought under control with reinforcement from the Joint Security Taskforce,” the ECC statement noted.

But, the ECC statement was vehemently dismissed by Yealue who called on civil society actors in the country to verify their reports originating from their field staffs before releasing press statements.

“I am particularly appalled and dismayed at how Mr. Oscar Bloh and his ECC ran with the fake news spewed by Senator Prince Y. Johnson. Oscar is a lawyer like me, but he chose not to contact me when he received his fake news. What he chose, instead was to run to the radio to publish gibberish,” the Head of the Governance Commission declared.
Yealue mentioned that it is difficult to trust the character and credibility of such a person who shows no regard for the truth.

“By reasons of his attitude and behavior on this matter, it shows clearly that Oscar Bloh and his ECC are compromised and should never be taken seriously by anyone,” Yealue asserted.

Yealue maintained that Nimba County Senator, Prince Y. Johnson, has no regard for the truth, and other UP apologists spewed lies that he was in Sanniquellie with Seven pick-ups in the evening hours, while he was already in Ganta City, observing his (Yealue’s birthday.

“Let me remind you, members of the press, that at no point in time that I Garrison Doldeh Yealue Jr. ever carried seven pickups at the upper Nimba Magisterial Offices of the National Election Commission. Senator Prince Yormie Johnson must stop this terrible game, I Garrison D. Yealue Jr; my personality is calm and my nature is peaceful. I have not ever and will never tolerate, condone, or appreciate any acts of violence, whatsoever! I am a lawyer and I have one hundred percent application for the rule of law,” he concluded.
He used the occasion to call on the Nimba County Senator to answer questions from the people of Burkina Faso for the murder of former President, Thomas Sankara, a true Pan-Africanist who dreamed of a better Africa.

“Distinguished members of the press, my character and personality are far more advanced, credible and appreciated in Liberia and abroad than that of Senator Johnson who has ruined his name and destroyed his character,” the GC Boss indicated.
In September, Yealue was appointed as Deputy Campaign Manager of the Weah-Taylor 2023 re-elections campaign by President Weah.
ECC believed that Yealue’s appointment was a glaring violation of the Act that created the Governance Commission and the National Code of Conduct for Public officials, ECC pointed out.

Upon receiving his new partisan mandate, Yealue vowed to campaign for President Weah’s re-election.

His appointment, according to ECC, contravenes Section 5.3.4 of the Governance Commission Act, which states that commissioners must maintain a non-partisan stance to prevent the commission’s agenda and processes from being influenced by political biases.

The appointment also violates Section 5.1.3 of the Code of Conduct for Public Officials, which explicitly prohibits public Officials from engaging in political activities while in office, ECC added.

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