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NEC Probes CDC’s Claim of Electoral Frauds, Malpractices…In Lofa County

by News Manager

By E. Geedahgar Garsuah

MONROVIA: Based on a formal complaint forwarded to the National Elections Commission (NEC), by governing Coalition of Democratic Change (CDC), alleging that the elections for the Lofa County Senatorial seat in the October, 2023 polls were characterized by frauds and other electoral malpractices, the NEC has begun formal investigation of the allegations.

According to the CDC, it has discovered multiple irregularities during the Senate election in Lofa County, which led to the defeat of the ruling party’s Senatorial Candidate, Moses Y. Kollie.
The ruling CDC is now seeking a vote recount across nine, out of 424 polling places, in Lofa County.
In a case that has garnered substantial attention, defense lawyers’ request for dismissal was denied on Tuesday.

The NEC which is responsible for overseeing elections in Liberia, said, it is taking the matter seriously and that the Commission is committed to ensuring a fair and transparent electoral process.

During the administrative hearings, pieces of evidence are expected to be presented by the ruling party to substantiate its allegations.

It also has the responsibility of producing witnesses to provide insight on the alleged electoral malpractices.

The Commission said, it is thoroughly investigating the matter and would make decision based on available facts.
In a dramatic turn of events on Monday, lawyers representing the defendant in the case “CDC VS NEC, Momo Cyrus” on Monday filed a motion, urging the hearing officers to dismiss the matter on two grounds.

Firstly, they argued that the case was filed well ahead of the designated timeline, rendering it untimely. Secondly, they claimed that the case lacks any merits warranting consideration.

Prosecuting lawyers representing the CDC responded to these claims with counterarguments, asserting that the case has significant merits and was filed promptly.

They contend that the case has substantial grounds and as such, it should not be dismissed.

Following the arguments, the motion to dismiss was later denied by the NEC Hearing officers.
This decision allows the CDC to proceed with their case, as they are now required to present evidence to support their claims.

According to NEC initial ruling, the prosecuting lawyers are mandated to provide their witnesses on October 24, at 2:00 p.m., at the hearing offices of the National Elections Commission Headquarters in Monrovia.

This decision marks a significant milestone in the ongoing legal proceedings that will determine who receives certificate from NEC as Senator of Lofa County.

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