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NEC Official Admits To Ballot Stuffing In Pleebo

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PLEEBO, MARYLAND: A Supervisor of the National Elections Commission (NEC), assigned in Pleebo, Sodoken District, Maryland County, Cece Munah Nimely, has reportedly admitted to ballot box stuffing during the October 10 polls in that part of the country.

Ballot box stuffing is an assertion that refers to the practice of illegally submitting more than one vote into a ballot box.

The goal of ballot box stuffing is to rig the outcome of an election in favor of one candidate over another, according to election experts.

Cece Munah Nimely, is a Supervisor of the National Elections Commission, who was assigned in the disputed area where traditional Devil also disrupted the election on voting day and made away with some ballot boxes.
According to reports, Ms. Nimely admitted to stuffing the ballot box in Pleebo-Sodoken District which reportedly affected incumbent Maryland County Representative, Dr. Bhofal Chambers, in favor of Anthony Williams.

Dr. Bhofal Chambers currently serves as Speaker of the House of Representatives in the bicameral Liberian Legislature.

The allegations of ballot box stuffing in the recent election sparked widespread public outcry in Pleebo-Sodoken District, Maryland County, thus trigghering calls for a thorough investigation of the claims.

The reported act of ballot box stuffing by the NEC official in which fraudulent votes were allegedly added to the total, undermines the integrity of the electoral process and erodes public trust in the district.

Sources familiar with the ongoing NEC probe on the matter, quoted the NEC local official as claiming that some inhabitants of Old Sodoken, attempted to harm them if the elections results did not favor Anthony Williams against Dr. Chambers, before the Police Support Unit (PSU) could intervene.

It became obvious by the arrogant and boastful utterances of Madam Nimely, the controversial Elections Supervisor, that she illegally stuffed ballot papers in boxes to give Anthony Williams an undemocratic advantage when indeed the constitutionally democratic winner should be Dr. Bhofal Chambers, a source said.

The People have spoken at the ballot box, so let their will be done and respected.
“Vox Populi, vox Dei”, meaning the voice of the people is the voice of God.

Besides the allegation of ballot stuffing, tampering with ballot boxes, incumbent Representative, Dr. Chambers, could have overwhelmingly won the election in Pleebo-Sodoken District, Maryland County.

Ms. Nimely could not be reached by our correspondent up to press time yesterday as she was said to be undergoing NEC investigation of the matter.

She has been facing NEC authorities to provide insight as it relates to the Pleebo electoral violence that led to wounding of several others on October 10, 2023.

Re3presentative candidate, Anthony Williams, in his previous meeting with NEC did not confirm or denied the claims. He, however, expressed the desire for him to be legally represented in the adjudication of the matter.

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