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CDC Built ‘Very Rotten System’-Dr. Fahnbulleh Asserts; Wants Voters Eject Weah From Presidency But…..

by News Manager

By: H. Richard Fallah

MONROVIA: One of Liberia`s leading political scientists and progressive activists, Dr. Henry Boimah Fahnbulleh Jr., alias ‘HB,’ has come down hard on the governing Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) led government, headed by President George Manneh Weah.

According to Dr. Fahnbulleh, it will be a ‘catastrophic moment’ for Liberia if citizens across the country reelect President George Weah for the next six years.

He spoke recently on a local radio station, via a mobile phone. While endorsing the election of former Vice President, Ambassador Joseph Nyuma Boakai, who is also Standard-bearer of the Unity Party (UP), for the Tuesday, November 14, 2023 Presidential runoff, the topnotch politician indicated that the current leadership displayed by incumbent President Weah is “a disaster” for the Liberian Nation, and therefore, President Weah should not be given a second chance by electorate.

Fahnbulleh, who is also former Minister of Education and Professor of Political Science, maintains that any attempt for Liberians to vote President Weah for second term, the country will go through `untold suffering. “CDC has built a very rotten system,” he told the Nation, via the local radio station.

Dr. Fahnbulleh pointed to what he calls “the influx” of narcotic drugs and other dangerous substances in the country, ingrained and unbridled corruption, reports of mysterious death of auditors and other professionals, disappearances of other citizens, abuse of Liberia’s diplomatic passports among several others as reasons for which the CDC led government, headed by ex-soccer star, George Weah, should not be re-elected.

According Dr. Fahnbulleh, who is also former Minister of Foreign Affairs, incumbent President Weah has not been treated fairly by his ‘field advisors.

He noted that those around Mr. Weah did not explain to him properly as regard the works/ functions of President of a Nation.

He elucidated (explained) that “leadership is not about flying private jets or building duplexes and wearing all of the best of suites, instead, it is about understanding the concerns of the people you are leading, and realizing the real essence for which they voted you into office.”

The progressive politician, told the nation that if Ambassador Boakai is elected and inaugurated as President of Liberia, he will investigate without any fear or favor, issues of corruption, mysterious deaths among several others.

He believes that Boakai will bring true emblem to the Liberian Presidency and will also help in punishing those who are involved in the importation of drugs and other deadly substances that are hurting and destroying the youthful generation of Liberia.

“Joe Boakai will stabilize the Country, and restore dignity to Liberia,” Dr. Fahnbulleh maintains.

He, at the same time, called on the Government of Liberia (GOL), through the National Elections Commission to conduct free, fair and transparent Presidential runoff on Tuesday, November 14, 2023.

However, a top Executive of the governing Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) led government who prefers anonymity because he was not mandated to speak to the press on the matter, described Dr. Fahnbulleh’s comments as ‘baseless and brazen display of frustration by a miserably failed politician.’

According to the state official, Dr. Fahnbulleh who had been consistently rejected by the Liberian people through the ballot box for the Liberian Presidency had demonstrated no good leadership over the years for any well-meaning citizens to emulate.

The official asserted that Dr. Fahnbulleh worked in the erstwhile Unity Party led government of former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf that was rated as ‘ten-time corrupt’ than previous Liberian Transitional government, then, head by Charles Gyude Bryant (late).

He also worked as National Security Advisor in the erstwhile Unity Party led government that could not account for millions of United States Dollars from the National Oil Company of Liberia (NOCAL) and other state resources.

He stated that Liberians cannot be carried out away by the ‘mere political talks’ of the likes of H. Boima Fahnbulleh who have nothing concrete to offer the Liberian Nation in terms of genuine national development and progress.

H. Boimah Fahnbulleh, Jr., is also a diplomat. He once served as National Security Advisor in the former ruling Unity Party led government, then headed former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

Immediately previous to his appointment as National Security Advisor, he served as Advisor on International Affairs in the same government and as Foreign Minister from 1981 to 1983 under late President Samuel Doe.

He also contested the 2017 Presidential elections on the Liberian People’s Party (LPP) ticket but did not make it to the runoff.
He later endorsed then vice President Joseph over then Senator George Weah who ended up winning the Presidency.

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