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Weah Wins 2023 Global Peace Prize …As Eminent Peace Envoys From Canada, France, Germany, S/Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Other Countries Head for Liberia

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MONROVIA: Incumbent President George Manneh Weah has been recognized and awarded the International Association of World Peace Advocates (IAWPA), through the office of its International Director, African Affairs, Dr. John Metchie.

The office of IAWPA International Director announced the Liberian President as the winner of this year’s International Peace Prize Medal Award 2023.

The Liberian leader has been globally known as an icon of peace after he graciously conceded defeat following the country’s crucial and highly-contested presidential election.

Since then, countries as well as international organizations and political pundits have been appreciating the Liberian leader for his exemplary role in preserving and fostering the country’s democracy as an outstanding example of many countries, especially on the African continent.

Notably, it is rare for a sitting President in Africa to concede defeat as early as President Weah did without interfering or engaging into acts of electoral fraud or intense confrontation.

The award is in total appreciation of the just-concluded presidential election in Liberia, which ended in a runoff.

The election is regarded as a process that expressed the will of the people of Liberia without intimidation or electoral violence as most often seen in other African countries.

Also President Weah was the first Africa President to receive the International Peace Mayor Award from IAWPA in 2018, an award that saw him demonstrate how peaceful he is up to the 2023 presidential election in Liberia.

The award will be presented on Thursday, December 28, 2023, at the office of the President in Monrovia, Liberia.

The World Peace President of the association, Ambassador Per Stafsen, from the Kingdom of Denmark and the Country President of the association from the United Kingdom, Ambassador Dr. Michael Pinda and Ambassador Declan Oguine, the European International Coordinator of the association, will make the award presentation alongside other Eminent Peace Ambassadors from Canada, France, Germany, South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria and host of others, who have agreed to be in attendance to mark the ceremony.

Ambassador Emmanuel Nkweke, the International Spokesman of the association, said that plans have been concluded to make history in Liberia especially with the peaceful exit of President Weah, which will all together bring another attraction for sustainable development both for Liberia and Africa at large, he further commended the efforts of the incoming President Joseph Boakai for the peaceful outcome of the election in the country.

The Country Director of the association in Liberia, Ambassador Sammy David, said the award presentation will witness the highest form of award conferment, noting that, “it is the highest award from the association as the international community is on the invitation list to participate in the award ceremony and it will be a huge success.”

The International Association of World Peace and Advocates (IAWPA) is a global non-governmental and a participant of the United Nations Global Compact and was formulated on January 30, 2014. Its objective is to promote peace and harmony in various local communities across the globe and to ensure that the aims and objectives of the United Nations in the maintenance of global peace is being achieved. Courtesy: LINA

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