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As Cherloe Musu Murder Trial Gains Momentum: Court Rejects Koijee, Telleh Wife’s Appearance …Says They ‘Cannot Testify Against Themselves’

by News Manager

By: Frank P. Martin

MONROVIA: Requests by defense lawyers in the Cherloe Musu Murder Trial, to subpoena Monrovia City Mayor Jefferson Tamba Koijee, the wife of Varlee Telleh, Moses Wright, one of the security personnel assigned at the home of former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Liberia, Gloria Musu Scott, and one Mohammed Keita as well as Orange GSM Company have been denied by Criminal Court “A” Judge, Roosevelt Willie.

On Wednesday, December 6, the Defense Team, in its submission, requested the court to Subpoena the wife of Varlee Telleh to testify to the number, indicated in the document as her official number registered in the name of Varlee Telleh.

The Defense Team also requested the court to ensure that Telleh’s wife to testify to a call made to an unidentified number.

The call was made on February 21, 2023, in which the same unidentified number made a call to one of the securities assigned at the home of Cllr. Scott, Moses Wright, on February 22, 2023.

They also requested that Moses Wright, assigned security to the home of Cllr. Scott at the time of the incident was subpoenaed to also testify to a call made on Feb 22, 2023.

The defense said they intend to know the relationship between Varlee Telleh’s wife, the person who owns that number, and the security personnel at Cllr. Scott’s home, Moses Wright, and the unidentified number, as both Varlee Telleh’s wife and the security communicated to the said number on the 21st and 22 of February, 2023.

The defense also requested a subpoena to be issued on Orange to provide a call log of Moses Wright and the wife of Varlee Telleh for the period, between February 21 to 22, 2023.

The defense had stated that their request was in good faith and intended to foster justice.

At the same time, they requested Monrovia City Mayor, Jefferson Tamba Koijee, to be subpoena to testify to Lonestar and Orange numbers being used by one Mohammed Keita during the same time, if he had any communication with Keita during the said period.

The defense said, they intend to know the relationship between Koijee and Keita, since, they believed Keita was linked to the incident that unfolded that night and why he was in communication with Koijee during the same night.

However, the prosecution resisted to the defense application, noting that the submissions were intended to delay the case, since the defendant did not reference those named, in their previous testimonies and their connections to the case.

As for Koijee, the prosecution said he was invited to the Liberia National Police on the matter, and in the presence of defense lawyers, Koijee was exonerated.

However, the court having listened to the defense application and prosecution resistance, noted that the application was made after a subpoena witness Varlee Telleh had testified, and the application is not specific, neither does it present any evidence for which those individuals should be subpoena.
Judge Willie made specific reference to defense not providing documentary or witness testimony that indicated that Mohammed Keita was part of the incident.

As for the wife of Telleh, the court noted that Varlee Telleh’s wife communicating with someone and Moses Wringt communicating with the same person is not a specific application, since the defense has not presented physical and documentary evidence proving that.

“As this court has continuously said, the defense counsel has the numbers testified to and even has Mayor Koijee’s number. To have physical evidence to subpoena the GSM Companies to provide those numbers and to allow them to come here without evidence is intending to allow these individuals to testify against themselves, for which the court has rejected said requests,” Judge Willie emphasized.

The requests, through the defense application, were rejected following the appearance of subpoena witness, Varlee Telleh, at open court on Wednesday, December 6.

Varlee Telleh, the man who was at the center of controversy initially, but later exonerated by the Liberia National Police, in his testimony to the court noted, that he never communicated to the “Genesis Security Officer” assigned at Cllr. Scott’s Compound on his official orange number.

He further noted that the number registered in his name, but used by his wife is still in use and active as well as all other telephone numbers related to him.

Telleh, following his testimony on Wednesday, December 6, was discharged by the court.

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