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Friends of Massachusetts-USA Applauds Boakai …Says Liberia On Its Way To Progress

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By: H. Richard Fallah

BOSTON, MA: The Friends of Massachusetts (FOMA), an organization based in the United States of America (USA), has congratulated President-elect, Joseph Nyuma Boaka, on his victory in the November 14, 2023, Presidential runoff election.

Addressing news conference held in Monrovia, Wednesday, December 6, 2023, the group, through its President, Mr. Prince Woods, described the election of Boakai as downing of a new day for the Liberian Nation.

Woods noted that Liberians who are based in the USA are very impressed with the decision taken by Liberians at home to vote the Unity Party (UP’s) Standard-bearer to lead the country in the next six years.

“We want to thank our brothers and sisters for making such decision, it was a good step taken; and we believe, that the Country is now on its way to progress,” he noted.

FOMA expressed explicit confidence and trust that Boakai, as an astute statesman, will not dash the hopes and aspirations of the Liberian people whom he believes have suffered hardship/poverty, destitution and marginalization for several years.

Mr. Woods opined that with the track record of integrity and decency while serving in government for over 40 years, the former vice President will restore Liberia`s pride and reawaken the glorious land of liberty that Liberian citizens and others from outside once admired.

Prince Woods: “Boakai worked for over thirty years serving our Country without any trace of corruption or integrity problem, it shows patriotism and honesty, these are the kinds of people Liberia needs right now; and we are sure that he will bring back the dignity and values the people, as a Country, once had across Africa and the World.”

The group also encouraged Liberians to work and cooperate with the President-elect in rebuilding all of those areas of the country that were damaged or broken down by past governments or through the civil conflict.

FOMA names the principal sectors that need to be prioritized in terms of development as Health, Education, Security, Agriculture, Energy among others.

“These are very key areas of our Country, and for too long they have been neglected and abandoned, if we must move ahead as a nation, we must focus on these important areas, something we believe, Ambassador Boakai is capable of doing,” Woods asserted.
The US-based group has meanwhile, cautioned President-elect Boakai to remain focused on his agenda for the country, noting that he should not be carried away by the many distractions that may come his way.
The group, through its President, maintains that Liberian is a Country that is faced with compound-complex issues and as such, it takes only a focused and determined leader who will keep his/her head up in handling those problems in ensuring the long- awaited change.
Mr. Woods concluded by reassuring President-elect Joseph Nyuma Boakai that they, as Liberians in the United States, particularly Massachusetts, will always be available when the need arises, in providing whatever help or contributions his leadership will need in the next six years of his administration.

The Friends of Massachusetts is an African dominant, particularly Liberian organization based in Worcester community, the United States of America, which has fully been recognized by the US government.

In October 2022, the group received special recognition from the Rhode Island House of Representatives for their selfless and devoted work to their local community.

Presenting the citation to the group on behalf of the House of Representatives last year, Congressman, Nathan W. Biah, who represents the 3rd District in the Rhode Island House of Representatives, congratulated the group for their commitment to conducting themselves more respectfully.
Representative Biah, on behalf of the entire membership of the Rhode Island parliament, extended best wishes to the group and expressed hope that they will continue in good fortune.

FOMA in October 2022 had its first election since its establishment and inducted into office Mr. Prince Woods as President; Mr. Emmanuel B. Ndebeh, vice president, Mr. Aloysius Hinneh, Secretary General; Mr. Francis Artey, Financial secretary; Tom J.O.B Knowry, financial secretary, Mrs. Tawa Woods, assisting secretary; and Mr. Thomas Nyenswah chaplain among others.
In April 2023, the group celebrated its first anniversary by recounting the many achievements and impacts made in their local community of Worcester.

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