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Chambers Returns Home From ECOWAS Confab …Pushes For Home-Grown Security Solutions

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MONROVIA: Bhofal Chambers, Speaker of the Lower House of Liberia’s 54th Legislature has urged African leaders to support “home-grown” solution mechanisms to combat the under-developed status, which according to him, has negatively contributed to the heightening of insecurity on the continent.

According to Speaker Chambers, if the threat of terrorism occasioned by the increased in military takeovers on the continent must be nipped-in-the-bud, African leaders must adopt home-based methods.
He urged his fellow parliamentarians in the sub-region to take practical actions geared towards formulating policies that seek to promote good governance, the rule-of-law, and transformational agendas, using domestic mechanisms.

Speaker Chambers entreated his colleagues to consider food security as major factor which he says has “connecting power to empower citizens, make them nourished and happy and as well to reduce dependency and stabilize the Continent.”

These remarks were contained in his (Chambers) address to the International Roundtable Conference on Parliament in Security Sector Governance and Reform in West Africa held in Abuja, Nigeria.

Speaking to newsmen at the Robert International Airport upon his arrival, the Pleebo Sodokan Lawmaker made know his excitement on the outcome of the conference.

He added that while the meeting was mainly centered on security-related issues, civilian-driven matters were also parts of the agenda.
Speaker Chambers: “The conference was also civilian-driven because civilians discussed more, they are not structured and animated; with civilians they do things exactly around those factors that can benefit them, and we can be discussed; whereas the military structure is more of ‘yes sir, ‘no sir’, ‘order sir’; but in the civilian-driven architecture, you will find more discussions and more contents and there will be ideas considered from all sides.

“ And there you have the outcomes and they all can be tested because civilians are the reasons for which everything else is designed.”

According to him, among the importance of the conference was the need to build a formidable partnership between the military and civilian structures in Africa’s governance system wherein civilians can be the principals while the military are the agents.

He bemoaned the increased wave in military takeovers in the region, referencing to Guinea, Mali, Burkina Faso which he expressed conviction were triggered by the failure of the governance system.
Speaker Chambers further stressed the need to sustain and capacitate the security sectors to address the pressing needs of the people.

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