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For Itself: G/Gedeh Building Image of Violence? …Rights Group Seeks Probe of Snowballing Acts of Violence

by News Manager

MONROVIA/ZWEDRU: A Human Rights Advocacy group, under the banner: Southeast Social Justice Network, has described recent acts of violence and lawlessness in Grand Gedeh County as barbaric and unnecessary.

The group strongly condemned the violence and called for impartial investigation of the incident.

On December 5, 2023, Liberia woke up to the death news of Grand Gedeh County electoral District #1 lawmaker-elect, Erol Madison Gwion.

The situation prompted some individuals in the county to burn down the Traditional Council’s headquarters and houses belonging to Grand Gedeh County Senator, Zoe Emmanuel Pennue in Zwedru and its surroundings.

The protestors also set ablaze housing properties belonging to Grand Gedeh County Senator, Zoe Emmanuel Pennue over allegation of his involvement in the death of the Rep-elect, through traditional means.

The houses of Madam Beatrice Gwion, sister of Representative-elect Gwion, who is also alleged to have poisoned him were all burned to ashes by the protestors. Beatrice Gwion has not confirmed or denied the allegation for which her houses were destroyed by angry protestors (mob).

Addressing a press conference over the weekend, Mr. Watson Chelley, Executive Director of Southeast Social Justice Network said ” Even though we regret the loss of the Grand Gedeh County lawmaker-elect, but we condemn the recent burning down of houses in Zwedru.

The Network calls on national security forces to launch an impartial investigation and prosecute all those connected and responsible for the violence.

Watson believes that the incidents present dark image for Grand Gedeh County and presents its people as not being law-abiding.

He indicated that it should be made known that violence has never resolved any problem in Liberia’s history.

The Network Director urged the citizens to always use peaceful or lawful means to address problems.

“We want to remind all Liberians that, Liberia is the only country we have, therefore, it is requires of all to protect the hard-earned peace and stability.

Few years ago, some angry youth of Grand Gedeh County looted and burned down a police station which is being constructed currently by citizens of the county.

Prior to the 2023 Presidential and Legislative Elections, some key opposition politicians including Alexander Cummings and Representative Yekeh Kolubah of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) were violently attacked in Zwedru, Grand Gedeh County.

Cummings and Representative Kolubah were later rescued through the swift intervention of the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL).

At the same time, Mr. Watson Chelley recalled that in the past, Grand Gedeh County Superintendent, Kai Farley, and Erol Madison Gwion, now late, were engaged in a fistfight in the presence of Internal Affairs Minister, Varney Sirleaf.

According to the Southeast Social Justice Network, the violent incident, at the time occurred at Smile FM radio station in Zwedru City.

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