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In War Against Corruption: US Senators Vow Support …For Boakai Regime

by News Manager

By: H. Richard Fallah

WASHINGTON: President-elect, Joseph Nyuma Boakai, has received huge commendations from three Senators of the United States Congress for his pledge to fight corruption in Liberia.

Senators, Christopher A. Coons, Chris Van Hollen, and Cory A. Booker, in a communication, dated December 13, 2023, noted that they were encouraged by President-elect Boakai’s campaign commitment to root out corruption and to uphold the rule of law.

As they extended congratulatory message to Mr. Boakai, the three American Senators said, they look forward to working together with the Boakai`s administration in support of these commitments.

The U.S Congressmen mentioned that Liberia`s democratic models, now more important than ever especially, as violence and instability have spread across the West African region.

“Over the past decades, Liberia has become a force for democracy and stability in West Africa,” the communication said.

According to the Congressmen, democracies must meet the needs of their citizens in order to thrive, and that in such direction, they are hopeful to work with Boakai to address the most pressing challenges facing the Country and its people.

The Senators named targeted areas as the joint efforts to combat corruption, improve food security, foster economic opportunities, and preserve Liberia’s security and stability, as well as continuing efforts to ensure that all Liberian citizens have access to civil liberties and constitutional rights.

In their communication to the President-elect, they acknowledged the critical moment for West Africa and reiterated their commitment to fostering the enduring relationship between the United States and Liberia.

The three U.S Senators have, at the same time, commended Liberians for their commitment to advancing democracy, not only in Liberia, but Africa and the World at large and further expressed optimism about further strengthening the special relationship between the United States and Liberia.
The Senatorscommunication to Boakai comes few hours after the ChargedAffaires of the United States Embassy near this Capital, Monrovia, Madame Catherine Rodriguez cautioned Liberia on corruption. In a round-table media discussion, dated December 12, 2023, Madame Rodriguez noted that the American government is uplifted to hear that dealing with the pernicious issue of corruption is one of the incoming government’s priorities. According to the Charged`Affairs, corruption has been around for thousands of years and exists in every society, including the United States.
“It’s not the fact that corruption exists that’s important, but rather what you do about it,” she added.
She encouraged the government of Liberia to make it easier for regular citizens and honest government workers to report fraud and corruption, and that the Country does have institutions capable of investigating and prosecuting corruption and holding wrongdoers accountable.

The American Envoy mentioned that it is essential that when corruption is uncovered, action is taken, while in minor incidents employees can be fired or disciplined, and for major incidents they should face prosecution.
According to her, when corruption goes unchecked at higher levels, it signals to everyone else that it’s okay to charge citizens extra for services that they are already paying for through their taxes.
The U.S Embassy ChargedAffaires is not the only official of the American government that has called on Liberia to stand up against corruption fight.

In February 2022, during Liberia’s bicentennial celebration, Ms. Dana Banks, who headed U.S. President Joe Biden’s delegation, raised concerns about the underfunding of integrity institutions in Liberia.

Ms. Banks, who is also a Special Assistant to President Biden and the Senior Director for African Affairs at the Security Council, noted that while Liberia has anti-corruption institutions nominally independent from the government, adequate funding is lacking, and there is government influence.
She emphasized the need for Liberia’s leaders to prioritize the country’s long-term benefits over short-term gains.
The U.S special representative to the bicentennial celebration then underscored that the United States is a dedicated partner and friend to Liberia but noted that only the Liberian Government and its people can effectively tackle corruption, fight for accountability and transparency, and move the country forward.

The letter reflects the ongoing U.S. commitment to supporting Liberia in addressing corruption issues and maintaining democracy.
Also, in July of this year (2023), departing United States Ambassador Michael McCarthy, in his farewell message, expressed deep disappointment and discouragement over Liberian government’s failure to investigate officials who had been sanctioned by the United States Treasury Department for their alleged involvement in public corruption.
Ambassador McCarthy, who regularly spoke against the growing wave of corruption in Liberia, made a significant impact during his tenure by boldly addressing the issue of “rampant corruption” in the Liberian government and encouraging people-centered development projects in the country.

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