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RDC Chairman Decries Acts of ‘Mob Justice’ …Applauds Liberians For Peaceful Elections

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MONROVIA: The National Chairman of the Redemption Democratic Congress (RDC), Rev. Victor Saylee, has cautioned citizens against taking the law into their own hands, through ‘mob violence’ or ‘mob Justice.’

He also urged Liberian youths to focus on maintenance of peace and stability and desist from castigating each other.

The Man of God and political leader indicated that young people criticizing each’s other’ religions and faiths will not also do any of them good.

According to him, doing so may create a situation that may cause misunderstanding and conflicts in the country.

Chairman Saylee said conflicts have not done Liberia any good, as evidenced by the 14 years of civil war that caused the death of several Liberians with thousands of dollars’ worth of properties destroyed.

He also congratulated the American government for recently placing sanctions on some Liberian officials on allegations of their involvement in ‘significant corruption.’

The Treasury designated Finance Minister Samuel Tweah along with Senators Albert Chie and Emmanuel Nuquay for their involvement in “significant corruption by abusing their public positions.”

Meanwhile, the Redemption Democratic Congress National Chairman has congratulated incumbent President George Weah and President-elect Joseph Boakai for the “peaceful and transparent” elections in Liberia.

Addressing a Press Conference at the RDC National Headquarters in Monrovia, Chairman Saylee expressed his willingness to work with the President-elect for the improvement of Liberia and Liberians.

He said the confirmation that a democratic transition from President Weah to Amb. Boakai will occur has provided an excellent example for other countries seeking similar democratic outcomes.”

He said the credibility of the just-ended elections in Liberia will also enhance Liberia’s attractiveness as an investment destination.

“It is my hope that under your leadership and guidance, a new era will be ushered in for the development and expansion of this valuable infrastructure asset that is wholly owned by the Government of Liberia,” he said.

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