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Bility Showcases Certificate From NEC To Nimba Constituency…Spreads Road Development Projects

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NIMBA Co., LIBERIA: The newly elected Representative of Nimba County Electoral District 7, Musa Hassan Bility, has presented the National Elections Commission (NEC) certificate received as winner of Electoral District #7 to the elders and citizens in his district.

Speaking to a large crowd at the Church of Pentecost in Saclepea, 303 kilometers north east of Monrovia, Rep Bility said as a humble child and a son who understands cultural norms of the community, he feels delighted to present to his fathers and mothers the certificate for the level of work and love shown him during the elections.

He said the presentation is another means of recognizing and honoring the citizens of the district for electing him as their leader.

The new Nimba County lawmaker thanked the voters and supporters for the confidence and trust reposed him to lead the district.

He reaffirmed his commitment to doing everything to develop and make the district second to none in Nimba.

Rep. Bility also dispelled rumors of his involvement in land matters and conflicts.
He promised that he will never be involved in any conflict or land disputes.
“No more Mandingo person will come back to this land to claim any land as the Mandingo Community is doing everything to come back and join hands in developing the community of district #7, and Nimba County,” he told the gathering.

The newly elected Representative called for Unity and Togetherness and said there would be no promotion of tribalism and other negative vices amongst the people of the district in particular and Nimba County as a whole.

Rep-elect, Bility said, his leadership will work to erase the boundary between Mah/Mano and Dah/ Gio.

Representative Bility also called on his supporters to go out and make peace with everyone including those who are still feeling hurt about the election results.

He urged his supporters to put themselves into the shoes of those whose candidates were defeated.
He told reporters that he will do everything to unite Nimba Caucus as there will be no noise amongst the Nimba caucus.

The Nimba County District #7 Representative-Elect promised to pave every community with road.

He disclosed that his earth moving equipment are presently doing road works from Sangapoay to a village called Garage in District #7. Sangalplay is a town in District 6 represented by Dorwon Gleekia.
Road works had earlier entered Lorplay in District #6. The Bility Development Foundation (BDF) worked in District 4, 8, 6, with the extension of road work and the installation of solar lights in this district 9.

According to Rep. Bility, these projects will continue in these districts of Nimba.
Last April, BDF commenced the construction of a 45 meter bridge over the Yarr River which connects to District 8. He promised that upon the completion of the bridge, the BDF will further extend road work from Palala to Zoweinta St. John River.

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