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Weah Will Not Contest 2029 Polls …Hints Retirement From Politics @65

by News Manager

MONROVIA: President George Weah has hinted that he would quit politics at age 65 and would not be re-contesting the Liberian Presidency in 2029 at which time he would be 63 years old.
President Weah, while attending his usual place of worship, the Forkey Klon Jlateh Fellowship Church along the Roberts International Airport (RIA) highway on Sunday, stated that in six years, he would be 63 years, and he would not be willing to be active in politics beyond 65 years.

“Right now, I’m 57, and our retirement age is 65. Six years from now, I will be 63, and I cannot work for two years. So, the best thing we can do now is to promote peace and prosperity for this country, and nobody is going to drag me into politics until I reach 90 years,” President Weah said.
The outgoing Liberian leader further explained, “Right now, what we are faced with is that our parents who were involved in politics when we were young at age one; some of them can’t even walk, and they are still into politics even at age 80.
“I did not come into politics to hijack power, but I came into politics to play my part and prove to those who considered me insignificant that I couldn’t be President, I proved them wrong and became President, and the rest is history, as you can look around and see my fingerprints everywhere.
President George Manneh Weah: “For us, we aren’t chasing politics; we pray to God for everything. Again, I’m thankful to the Liberian people for making me their President, whether for one term or not. I have already broken an undisputed record to serve my country as President.”
“I care for the people, but let me not believe that because the people love me, I will be there for 90 years or whatever, while other children are coming up to be leaders.
“I will not do that, and if you’re looking for me on that, trust me, I don’t care whatever vision you have for me because, I will be praying to God for that vision not to work. I need time for myself, children, and family.”

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