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For Inauguration and Administration: Speaker Koffa Appoints Adhoc Committees

by News Manager

MONROVIA: The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Cllr. J. Fonati Koffa, has announced the appointment of two crucial adhoc committees for the 55th Legislature: They are, committees on Inauguration and Administration.

The Committee on Inauguration is chaired by Richard Nagbe Koon, the Committee on Inauguration is tasked with collaborating closely with the joint transitional inaugural team from the executive branch to ensure the seamless execution of a successful inauguration program on the grounds of the Capitol on Monday January 22, 2024.

The committee’s responsibilities extend to coordinating various aspects of the inaugural proceedings, aligning with the joint transitional inaugural team, and contributing to the overall success of this significant event.

Members of the Committee on Inauguration include
Reps. Richard Nagbe Koon (Chairman); Moima Briggs-Mensah (Co-Chair).

Others are Reps. Samuel Enders,
Emmanuel Dahn,
Julie F. Wiah, among others.

Committee on Administration is led by Rep. J. Marvin Cole. The Committee on Administration is entrusted with finding suitable offices for newly elected lawmakers and managing other administrative matters crucial to the smooth functioning of the legislative body.

“This committee plays a pivotal role in ensuring that the logistical and administrative needs of the legislators are met efficiently.”

Committee on Administration Members are
J. Marvin Cole (Chairman);
P. Mike Jurry (Co-Chair).

Other members are Priscilla Cooper,
Bintu Massalley, Austin Blidi Taylor.

The term of the adhoc committees, according to House Speaker Koffa, will conclude on January 23, 2024.

At that time, the Speaker will appoint statutory and other standing committees to continue the essential work of the 55th legislature.

The Speaker expresses confidence in the capabilities and dedication of the appointed committee members, trusting that they will contribute significantly to the success of the inauguration and the smooth administration of the legislative process.

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