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Lonestar Cell MTN Upgrades Network

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MONROVIA: Lonestar Cell MTN, Liberia’s leading telecommunication and fintech provider, has acknowledged recent network outages in Nimba and other counties and regrets any disruptions caused by them.

Damein Mariappen, the Chief Technical Information Officer, said the company understands the inconvenience and assures subscribers that restoring and improving service is its top priority. 

“Our goal is to build a reliable and fast network in Liberia on par or better than other countries in the region. Last year, we embarked on a major national network upgrade where we modernized a large part of Monrovia. In 2024, we are working on improving the experience in the various counties,” he said. 

Mr. Mariappen added that the ongoing network upgrade will give subscribers a new network equipped with the latest 4G technology, which offers faster speed, better voice quality and higher reliability. “This is particularly true in Nimba County. We have been working on restoring the service there and have now completed that. By mid-February, Nimbaians can expect a modernized network with the upgrade of 18 key sites. We want to give all our subscribers the best service in the best possible way. In Monrovia, where we’ve modernized large parts of the network, we have seen a 50% increase in speeds,” he disclosed.

Lonestar Cell MTN CEO, Mr. Rahul De, said that network modernization entails replacing old equipment with new ones, major alignments, and restructuring of tower signals which must be done simultaneously.

“Sometimes, these initiatives do not go as planned. Sometimes the process requires additional changes and different planning which might cause outages while the new systems are coming online,” he said.

Mr. De assured the public that these issues are temporary and are a norm during major upgrades and assures subscribers that brighter days are ahead.

“We appreciate the patience of our valued subscribers during the modernization process and, we apologize for all the inconveniences they might have caused. Subscribers will certainly appreciate the upgrades when they see how improved their experience will become across the country,” said Mr. De. 

Lonestar Cell MTN is a leading telecommunications company committed to connecting people to the opportunities that enable them to progress.

With a focus on innovation and community development, Lonestar Cell MTN strives to make a positive impact on the lives of its customers and the communities it serves.

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