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1000 Benches For Rural Schools

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LOFA COUNTY: Rural Liberian school-going pupils, especially those in Lofa County, may no longer endure the sight of sitting on the bare ground of some pieces of bricks or rock to learn as a Liberian-owned and run non-governmental organization (NGO), One Bench at a Time Liberia (OBTL), is expected to put at least 1000 benches in those rural schools.

OBTL, is a non-profit organization making a difference in both Liberia and the United States.

The NGO’s primary focus is to contribute to the development of the education system by addressing the critical need for proper seating in rural schools.

The NGO said currently, many students in rural Liberia, lack adequate benches and chairs, compelling them to sit on the floor or makeshift materials.

“We firmly believe that supporting the education sector is crucial for Liberia’s progress. In our commitment to this cause, OBTL recently completed its inaugural donation in Yarpuah Town, Lofa County,” Ms. Menekeh Pshorr Giddings, Co-founder of OBTL, said.

Ms. Giddings further stated that her organization, collaborating with local carpenters, was able to provide 25 benches to the Yarpuah Community School, benefiting over 100 students and residents.

“This initiative aims to create a conducive learning environment and extend support beyond the classroom to various community activities,” she added.

She then announced that to further her organization’s mission, they were excited to announce a re-launch fundraiser in partnership with Teach for Liberia and the Lutheran Training Institute.

“The event is scheduled for January 30, 2024, from 12:30 pm to 3:00 pm at the YMCA. We are honored to have Senator Momo Cyrus as the chief fundraiser for the event.”

As part of this very impactful initiative, the OBTL Co-founder said they intend to raise funds for 1,000 benches and sponsor two Teach for Liberia Fellows to be stationed in Lofa County.

Ms. Giddings stated that at the moment, they aren’t sure how many schools are going to benefit from their gesture, however, she added, “We trying to raise funds for two teachers at the cost of US$300 each and 1,000 school chairs and benches at US$25 per bench.”

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