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Anthony Williams Wins Chambers Again …With 549 Votes Margin

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MARYLAND COUNTY: Unofficial results from Maryland County, Pleebo District No. 2, says youthful Anthony F. Williams, of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) has finally defeated former House Speaker Bhofal Chambers, of the former ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) with a margin of 549 votes.

According to the report from Old Sodokan, Pleebo, Maryland County, at Polling Place No. 1, Bhofal Chambers received a total of 75 votes, while Anthony F. Williams of 350 votes.

At polling place No. 2, Anthony Williams received 321 votes, while Chambers received a total of 47 votes, bringing the total votes counted to 763 votes.

It may be recalled that, prior to this rerun, former House Speaker, Bhofal Chambers, suffered major headache ahead of vote recount controversy between him and Anthony Williams, of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) in Old Sodoken, Pleebo District Maryland County, following the arrest of Harper City Mayor, Mechizedeck Toe.

According to a dispatch from Harper, Maryland County, Toe who is one of Chambers’ major campaigners, alongside other alleged accomplices, Reed H. Harmon and Hodo Bedell, was arrested and charged after police preliminary investigation determined that both Reed and Hodo were spotted stealing voters’ cards, and subsequent transmission to Mayor Toe.

Recently, Namu Johnson, 38, and Anthony Nyema, 35, alarmed over the disappearance of their voters’ card to the police attachment in Harper, Maryland County, leading to the retrieval of their voter’s cards from the two suspects.

Following thorough police investigation, Mayor of Harper, Mechizedeck Toe, Reed H. Harmon and Hodo Bedell have been charged with Theft/Criminal Conspiracy and Criminal Facilitation, and are now in police custody in Harper, awaiting court trial.

Meanwhile, the National Elections Commission was on Friday, January 19, 2024, expected conduct a re-count in 70 polling places in Electoral District Number Four in Nimba County.

A release from NEC, states that the re-count in Nimba County is based on a mandate from the Supreme Court of Liberia.

The release noted that an 18-member team of technicians from the headquarters of the Commission has been deployed to assist the Magistrate to conduct the re-count in Nimba County.

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