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I Am Battling Fire Trauma…..Sen. Joseph Breaks Silence

by News Manager

MONROVIA: Barely over a month after he and his family members were rescued by neighbors from a blazing fire outbreak, Montserrado County Senator, Saah H. Joseph, has disclosed that he is yet to overcome the trauma he sustained from the fire outbreak.

Senator Joseph described the fire incident which occurred at his residence as troubling and traumatizing; something he said, he does not wish to happen to anyone.

Senator Joseph indicated that there is a need for proper awareness for citizens nationwide to carry out a first Aid services during any fire outbreak while waiting for the intervention of the Liberia National Service (LNFS).

The Montserrado County Senator made the call when he served as a guest on a local radio station in Monrovia on Thursday, February 29, 2024.

Senator Joseph pointed out that whenever there is a fire outbreak, well-meaning citizens and residents have to swiftly intervene to protect precious human lives and properties.

He said the residents and citizens must use whatever tools that may be at their disposal to protect lives as it was done by his well-meaning neighbors who and his family were swiftly rescued from the blazing fire.

Senator Joseph asserted that it is one of the best ways to swiftly protect people from death and injury instead of waiting on the National Fire Service.

Senator Joseph added that “Sometimes there might be challenges with the National Fire Service Vehicles or problems in reaching the location to quench the fire.”

“I am speaking from experience, because that was how my life was saved due to the effectiveness of the boys in my community who burst my house walls and broke its doors and window bars to rescue me and my family from the blazing fire,”he noted.

The lawmaker asserted that with more public awareness for citizens to quickly do first aid whenever fire outbreak takes place, there will be low number of deaths from fire incidents.

Senator Joseph indicated that fire disasters nowadays are on the rise in the country.
The Senator indicated that he is currently pushing for maximum public awareness for fire disasters prevention.
Meanwhile, The Montserrado County Senator has given commercial bus drivers in Montserrado County a three-day ultimatum to reduce their respective transportation fares in and around Monrovia.
Senator Joseph stressed that he, sometimes ago, parked his public service buses that were being used to transport citizens to, and from work at a very low cost, because he noticed that the bus drivers were threatened by the low transport fares he charges on his buses.
The Senator explained that he charges L$50 per person to any destination in Monrovia as another means of helping to ease the transport burdens of the citizens.
Senator Joseph noted that since he stopped the operation of his buses, other drivers of buses have increased their transport fares.

He stated that if that the case of the bus drivers to exploit the vast majority of ordinary citizens, after three days and there is no change in the prices of commercial bus drivers, he will bring those buses back onto the principal streets of Monrovia for public transportation.

Senator Joseph indicated that he owns and operate twenty transport buses in Montserrado county. Contributed By: Elbie Sebleh

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