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Salvation Army Intensifies Fight against Modern Slavery, Human Trafficking

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By: Frank P. Martin

MONROVA: The Territorial Commander of the Salvation Army Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea, Lt. Colonel Luka Khayumbi, has challenged all Salvationists in and outside of the Territory and non-Salvationists to jointly fight against what he called “Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking” that is seen to be a new global pandemic.

Khayumbi acknowledged the global task at hand as a result of soaring human trafficking which needs to be tackled by everyone to inspire empowerment towards the next generation of future for a better world, despite enormous challenges that come thereof.

Singularly teachers, Administrators, Officers and soldiers of the Salvation of Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea Territory, Khayumbi, recently informed teachers and school leaders and members the Territory in Monrovia that they should use the classroom, pulpit and other places of worship to enlighten the minds of members of the younger generation on the fight against bad labor practices and human trafficking.
He referenced Proverbs 9:10, which says the “…for the fear of the lord is the beginning of wisdom.”
The Salvation Army Head of Mission (Bishop) was quick to note that the greatest enemy of teachers and school leaders’ efforts is the crime of Modern Slavery, a well-designed plan for exploiting and damaging the future workforce, millions mostly young people who are being deceived, trapped, and exploited by an evil industry of Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking.

However, Anne Makumi, Chief Facilitator of the three-day training and Coordinator of the Africa Zion of the Salvation Army on Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Response disclosed that those involved in “Modern slavery and human trafficking” voluntarily take advantage of their victims’ ignorance for their benefits.
She said the act is against the growth and development of the new generation which the world is depending on to take over the older generation that may soon wipe away.

According to Madam Makumi, the dream of a better world comes with peace, justice, and freedom which can only be realized if everyone partners in a united spirit to stop modern Slavery and human Trafficking.

She also called for the fight against Modern Slavery and human trafficking with scripture reference; “this is what the LORD says: Do what is just and right. Rescue from the hand of the oppressor the one who has been robbed. Do no wrong or violence to the foreigner, the fatherless or the widow, and do not shed innocent blood in this place” Jeremiah 22:3.

At the same time Salvation Army Director of Education David Siaffa Massaquoi Sr., disclosed that Education is a very powerful tool for the prevention of Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Response (MSHTR).

He added that the fundamental instrument used to lure people to MSHTR has always been deception.

Massaquoi noted that the crime feeds on the ignorance of its victims supported by other underlying conditions.

He stressed that Education can play a significant role in stopping people from being “tricked, trapped, and traded”.

He further lamented that, learning institutions are therefore well-suited to offer prevention of MSHTR through their learning programs, “Schools need to act as advocates against MSHTR and not as bystanders.”
“This is a very clear, concise, and practical guide for integrating Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Response (MSHTR) in schools. It provides step-by-step procedures for increasing the participation of teachers and students in awareness activities for the prevention of MSHT in their schools and communities.”
According to him, there is a guide prepared for all Salvation Army schools which presents practical strategies of involvement and experience that have proven to be effective in increasing the quantity and quality of MSHTR through schools.

“It is written based on easily adaptable interventions experimented in Salvation Army Schools in Liberia, Sierra Leone & Guinea Territory,” he added.

He noted that it is a hands-on approach lays out in the manual which are centered on five of the eight focus areas of The Salvation Army’s “Freedom Action Framework”, the organization’s roadmap for mobilizing and equipping people in responding to MSHTR.
The training was conducted at the Salvation Army Territory Headquarters on 17th Street, Sinkor with over thirty six Participants.

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