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Boakai Passes Drugs Test …Declares Assets Today

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By Varney Dukuly

MONROVIA: President Joseph Nyuma Boakai, yesterday, Wednesday, February 7, 2024, took a test for illicit drugs and was subsequently declared free of any illicit drugs by medical doctors.

Boakai took the test barely three weeks in his stewardship as President of the Republic of Liberia.

He led an array of senior government officials to the Executive Mansion, home of the Liberian Presidency, to undergo the drugs test.

President Boakai including his Vice President Jeremiah K. Koung successfully completed their medicals on camera as doctors declared them freed of all forms of illicit drugs and other unlawful substances.
Following medical doctors declaring the President and his Vice President freed of drugs, President Boakai told Liberians that he is prepared to lead the fight against drugs and substance abuse in the country.
The Liberian leader expressed optimism that the fight declared against drugs throughout the country will be perpetual as his leadership is firmly committed to the fight.

“We want to lead by examples as we remain committed to deliver on our promises to the Liberian people in the face of this public health emergency in the country,” the President disclosed amid applauds by his officials.
“What we have done this morning is to show our commitment that we are serious about what we say that we are going to do,” said President Boakai minutes after taking the test for drugs.
President Boakai who was also accompanied to the Executive Mansion on Capitol Hill in Monrovia by members of his cabinet, called on them to lead by examples.
The new President took several other steps to cut off secrecy, including announcing his plan to formally declare his assets.

The President has made good governance the central theme of his presidency, winning praises from diplomats and other world leaders, as he craves transparency, accountability and probity in national governance.
“We want to tell the Liberian people that we are serious,” he declared.
“As the matter of fact, tomorrow I am going to pass by to declare my asset,” President Boakai added.

He stressed that in the face of difficult times not only in Liberia, but also worldwide, his administration remains committed to its obligations to improve the livelihood of the vast majority of ordinary citizens and residents.

President Boakai highlighted in his First State of the Nation Address (SONA), the dangers of illicit drugs and their adverse effects on the Liberian nation, especially the youths.

He said the illegal importation of illicit drugs including “KUSH” is an existential threat that is eating away the future of Liberian youths.

“We must stand up and face this national security risk together,” said Boakai.

The President who highlighted how thousands of families in the country have been burdened by the illicit drug crisis, officially declared Drugs and Substance abuse as a “Public Health Emergency.”
His January 29, 2024 declaration comes amid reports of growing waves of drugs related deaths, involving mainly young people and the arrests of hundreds of drug traffickers and users in Liberia on a regular basis.
President Boakai observed that illicit drugs; especially “KUSH” is destroying the future of the country.
“The drug epidemic, especially the use of “KUSH”, in our country is an existential threat that is eating away the future of our children and the country. We must stand up and face this national security risk together. Given the need for immediate action to make good my pledge to the thousands of families burdened by this crisis, I am hereby declaring Drugs and Substance abuse as a Public Health Emergency,” the President said.

As of the anti-drugs part efforts, President Boakai has established a multisectoral steering committee comprising the following agencies: Ministry of Health – Chair; Ministry of Justice – Co-Chair; Ministry of Youth and Sports- Member; Ministry of Gender, Children, and Social Protection – Member; Liberia Drug Enforcement Agency (LDEA) – Member; Ministry of Finance and Development Planning (MFDP) – Member. Boakai asserted: “In this fight, I urge all others to follow.”

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