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Liberia’s Education System Is Not A Mess…New SUC President Asserts; Outlines Ambitious Vision

by News Manager

By: Ignatius M. Jallah

MONROVIA: The newly appointed President of Smythe University College (SUC) has highlighted her ambitious plans to transform the institution into a comprehensive University with a focus on Diverse Academic Disciplines.

In a compelling address to members of the press recently, Dr. Peace Agu, who marked her two-week milestone as President, expressed her commitment to dispel the misconception that Smythe was solely a Nursing College.

She pledged to elevate other departments, especially Mass Communication, Criminal Justice, Information Technology, Agriculture and Business College to the same status as the Health Science College, emphasizing the university’s multifaceted identity.

The President’s strategic vision extends to attracting investors to enhance science facilities, particularly medical labs, and introducing new departments to diversify the academic landscape.

This move aims to position Smythe University College as a hub for innovative research and academic excellence.

Addressing the crucial role of the institution’s staffers, Dr. Agu vowed to support them by providing opportunities for professional development and fostering collaborations beyond the University.

Her emphasis on improving efficiency within the staff highlights her commitment to creating an environment conducive to excellence.

In her commitment to nurturing a positive environment, Dr. Agu acknowledged the fundamental role of students, promising initiatives that would create a central space for both students and teachers.

She pledged to eradicate intimidation and disrespect, fostering a conducive learning atmosphere.

Recognizing the symbiotic relationship between students and teachers, Dr. Agu emphasized the importance of social activities that would strengthen their bond.

She promised to introduce events and programs that encourage a sense of community within the university.

Furthermore, Dr. Agu underscored her dedication to building a lasting connection with graduates by establishing a robust alumni association.

This initiative aims to provide ongoing support to graduates, ensuring a strong network and continuous engagement with the alma mater.

In a related development, Dr. Agu disagreed with critics who termed the Liberian educational sector as a mess.

The well-travelled administrator, Dr. Agu said while it is true that the system is challenged, there are numerous gains it has made over the years.

The Smythe University College President said challenges confronting the educational system are not only limited to Liberia, adding that, some countries in Africa are going through similar situation.

Dr. Agu mentioned that the corruption from students and staffers is also undermining the system on grounds that students are not eager to acquire the necessary education, while some staffers are in support of their habits.

The Smythe University College President boosted about the current transformation at her institution as she encourages students to enroll for better education.

She, at the same time, encouraged the government to collaborate with private institutions to rebrand the educational system.

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