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Pollution Engulfs 15-Gate Community—- As Residents to stage Road Blockage

by News Manager

By: Ignatius M. Jallah

MONROVIA: Residents of 15-Gate Community and its environs are planning a peaceful protest by staging a road blockage against feces trucks allegedly operating in the area.

According to residents, businessmen and women at the intersections of 15-Gate, trucks allegedly from Firestone usually have a passage at the route from Monrovia with feces that pollutes the entire routes, thus causing residents, including children to unhygienic conditions.

However, when this paper contacted Mr. Alloysius David, Public Affairs Officer of the Environmental Protection Agency, (EPA) for comment, Mr. Davis he is no longer in the employ of the EPA and that he is currently in Europe for studies.

He referred this paper to Mrs. Danise Love Dennis Doodo for comment. But Mrs. Doodo did not respond to our message sent to her via Messenger for comment on the allegations up to press time yesterday.

Howbeit, Firestone Rubber Company could not be immediately reached for comment on the residents’ claims but sources at Firestone Main Office in Harbel, Margibi County, hinted that those trucks are hired by Firestone and the Company is not responsible for their alleged actions.

Moreover, the residents lamented that, the trucks drivers at times applied hard break deliberately for some of the feces to drop which smells often engulfed the entire community for about three to four days.

As a result of this situation, according to the residents, the entire Community remained in constant pollution.

The 15-Gate residents mentioned that addressing the issues with some officials of the Rubber Plantation Company employees, they usually maintain that they are not responsible for said problem but they (residents) should direct their grievances to the appropriate officials of the Company.

One of the Residents, name withheld, told this paper that said they have already complained Firestone Rubber Company to the state-owned Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and others about the prevailing situations, but to no avail.

Therefore, they will have no other means, but to shortly stage a road blockage for trucks with feces plying the 15-Gate route so as to claim the attention of the Managements of EPA, Firestone and other authorities.

They maintain that by doing so, they will find remedies to this hazardous situation which is causing effected Communities and Residents to be at serious risks of sicknesses on a daily basis.

“Firestone is taking advantage of us too much. This time, we will stand firm against these feces trucks that causing us sicknesses,” one resident said.

The government of Liberia only cares to sign agreements and forget about the wellbeing of its citizens. We are tired smelling odor that is unpleasant to our lives. Therefore, we will resist trucks that carry feces exposed through this route,” Mr. Moses Zubahyea added in an angry tone.

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