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Liberian Legislator Backs Establishment of New Hope Academy Training College …As NHA, ADRF Celebrate 28th Years of Successful Partnership

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MONROVIA: Bomi County District Number 3 Representative in the 55th National Legislature, Sam P. Jallah, has expressed unreserved support for efforts being made by the Administration of the New Hope Academy in Paynesville aimed at establishing an up-to-date vocational and technical training college in Paynesville, outside Monrovia.

Serving as a Keynote Speaker for the occasion, the Bomi County Lawmaker stressed that the launch and operation of the college would definitely create the necessary opportunity for graduates of the renowned New Hope Academy and other learning institutions to acquire basic vocational and technical skillsets that would enable them contribute effectively to national development and the improvement of their socio-economic wellbeing.

Rep. Jallah made the call on Friday, February 9, 2024, at program marking the celebration of the 28th successful human-development Partnership involving the New Hope Academy, and the Asia-Africa Development and Relief Foundation, ADRF, held on the Peace Island, Jacob Town campus of the New Hope Academy.

Rep. Jallah also used the occasion to caution the students of the New Hope Academy in particular, and Liberian students in general, to subscribe to virtues of honesty, hard work, discipline and service to society as they strive for quality education.

The Liberian Legislator pointed out that young people must make proper use of their time and energy by undertaking scholarly and productive initiatives that would improve their living standard and the development of the Liberian nation.

One way of doing so, he said, is by students going to school on time and paying maximum attention to their lessons.

He stressed that nobody achieves anything in life without proper knowledge, wisdom, understanding and sacrifices.

Lawmaker Jallah who referenced Rev. Arkoi as a mentor for him over the years for peace-building under BFF, volunteered to offer career training and professional guidance for students of the New Hope Academy free of charge as they seek knowledge for their future careers.

While reflecting on his journey in life when he was under the mentorship of BFF and its President, Rev. Augustine Arkoi, Representative Jallah told the gathering “Everything you do starts with the choice you make in life.”

He applauded the Administration of the New Hope Academy for its selfless services toward the human resource development of Liberia, through education and infrastructural improvement.

The NHA, BFF and ADRF Partnership is dedicated to supporting the efforts of the Government of Liberia, GOL, in the provision of quality education for Liberian youths and students through Scholarships and the Improvement of school Infrastructure, particularly at the New Hope Academy on Peace Island, Jacob Town in Paynesville.
A High-Powered Delegation, headed by the Chairman of the Africa-Asia Development and Relief Foundation, (ADRF), Sang Sun Kang, this week arrived as post-inaugural Guests in Monrovia and fully participated in the celebration which was graced by an array of local and foreign dignitaries.
The Chairman of the Africa-Asia Development Relief Foundation, Sang Sun Kang, on behalf of the ADRF Delegation, expressed total satisfaction over the nearly three decades of successful and Mutually-Rewarding Human-Development Relationship that has subsisted and continues to exist between the New Hope Academy and ADRF.
He pointed out that such relationship has led to the educational empowerment of hundreds of Liberian children, some from primary school level to colleges and universities.
Mr. Kang inspired the students to strive for quality education that would enable them to actualize their respective dreams and aspirations including contributing effectively to the progress of themselves, families, communities and the larger society.
Mr. Kang asserted that ADRF is dedicated to, and focusses on fostering quality education by buttressing the educational efforts of African nations, with Liberia being of no exception.

This is why, he said, ADRF has been collaborating with the New Hope Academy, an educational pilot project of the Better Future Foundation, BFF, for the past 28 unbroken years.

Making remarks at the occasion, Mrs. Altanchimeg Myagmarjav, (CKA Suni) Country Director of ADRF in Mongolia, and a member of the ADRF High-powered delegation to Liberia praised the New Hope Academy, NHA for its demonstrated commitment to the Partnership with ADRF.

The ADRF Country Director for Mongolia expressed explicit confidence and trust that such a fruitful and beneficial relationship involving NHA and ADRF would continue to grow from strength-to-strength.

Giving an overview of the establishment of the New Hope Academy and its relationship with ADRF, BFF Founder/CEO Arkoi said, 28 years of relationship has been a long way characterized by immense challenges.

He historicized that in 1995, ADRF Chairman, Sang sun Kang, was in Liberia during the country’s civil crisis, supporting Liberians in displaced camps with rice and other non-food items.

He said, Mr. Kang played such role because most Liberians and residents were not working and could not feed themselves as they could not also send their children to school due to the war-time challenges at the time.

The BFF Boss explained that it was at such time that NHA and ADRF relationship began.

Mr. Arkoi explained that at first, he began training people in Martial Arts, (Hapkido). Later Mr. Arkoi got an opportunity to go to South Korea for professional studies.

It was while undergoing professional studies in South Korea, according to the NHA CEO, he became the Co-founder of ADRF and later raised funds for the payment of the teachers of the New Hope Academy after its formal accreditation by the Government of Liberia. Students of the New Hope Academy did not pay any fees for their learning, then, he said.

Rev. Arkoi also confirmed plan by the New Hope Academy to have an up-to-the-minute Community College and that the necessary modalities are being worked out with the appropriate state authorities.

Mr. Arkoi clarified that New Hope Academy is not a “Korean School” as it is being speculated by some community dwellers.

He made it clear that NHA is a 100 percent community-based Liberian academic institution that is being operated with the help of the Parents-Teachers Association.

Mr. Arkoi further clarified that some students of the NHA were recruited from Jacob Town, Peace Island Community and its environs who were supported by the Administration from ABC level to Master’s degree level via scholarship.

Testimonies: The ceremony was also characterized by testimonies by some graduates and current students of the New Hope Academy.

One of the graduates of the NHA, Ms. Augustina Flomo, expressed sincere gratitude to the administration of the NHA for allowing her to obtain high school diploma through the scholarship opportunity afforded her over the years.

Also, Madam Carol G. Willie, parent of student Joseph Lamah , thanked ADRF for supporting her son’s education journey through its scholarship program with the New Hope Academy. She expressed gratefulness to both ADRF and NHA for providing indigent children in Liberia much-needed educational empowerment.

In her testimony, Moziatta S. Siazia- a 10th grade student told the gathering that the ADRF scholarship enabled her to remain in school at this time when her biological parents cannot afford to pay any school fees for her.

Student Siazia said she and her parents are very delighted by the support of ADRF to the NHA that gave her such learning opportunity.

Mr. Robert B. Boi, who is now Principal of the New Hope Academy told the gathering that he was an 8th Grade student of the New Hope Academy when he was given a scholarship by the school administration based on his high academic output and the serious financial constraints that his parents were faced with at the time.

He testified that the ADRF scholarship program at the NHA enabled him to obtain Bachelor’s degree from the African Methodist Episcopal University, and a Master’s degree from the University of Liberia without his parents paying any school fees.

The various testimonies of the ADRF scholarship beneficiaries were buttressed by Belvis O’diaji, program director of the New Hope Academy.

Mr. O’diaji said, the ADRF and NHA Partnership is well-established and mutually rewarding, which is why it has lasted for 28 years through education and infrastructural development.

He reiterated that the partnership has supported hundreds of students from nursery class level to master degree level. He described the partnership as a great gain and an academic success story.

More than 21 teaching and administrative staffers were introduced to the visiting ADRF high-powered delegation at the well-attended and colorful occasion.

Mr. Ousma Koroma, NHA Vice Principal for Instruction introduced the staffers whose qualifications ranged from ‘C’ Certificate to Master’s degrees. He applauded the staffs for the quality services they are providing at NHA.

Mr. Kromah pointed out that NHA has, in recent years, been among the ten best secondary schools in the Republic of Liberia as its 12th Graders often made successful passes in the West African Senior School Certificate Examinations, WASSCE.

His pronouncement was welcomed with tumultuous applauds by students, parents, teachers, and other distinguished guests who graced the anniversary ceremonies.

The program was characterized by other activities including a poem, which was written and subsequently read by Barnabas Koitee Boi, a 5th Grader, that reflected the significance of education.

There was also a DABATE that had as its title: ‘’SCHOLARSHIP SHOULD ONLY BE GIVEN TO SCHOLARS.”

During the debate exercise, student E. Frances Smith of the 9th Grade Class supported the point that scholarships should be given only to scholars, while student Bangalee O. Toure of the 7th grade class expressed disagreement.

Each of the two students provided intellectually stimulating and logically convincing points in support of their respective arguments.

The presentations of the two students delighted the gathering which included parents, students, visiting guests and other distinguished personalities. The attendees applauded the two students for job-well done and with much admiration.

At the climax of the NHA-ADRF 28th Year Partnership Celebration, Legislator Sam P. Jallah, on behalf of the organizers and the Government of Liberia, presented a Plaque of Honor to Chairman Sang Sun Kang of the ADRF-Africa-Asia Development Relief Foundation -ADRF, Korea, after his formal gowning as a True Servant of Africa, at the occasion by New Hope Academy and Better Future Foundation in Recognition of his 28 Years of Dedication and Support to the Educational Sector of Liberia, through Scholarships and Developing School Infrastructure At the New Hope Academy.
According to Mr. Augustine Arkoi, ADRF operates in 21 countries in Africa and Asia, promoting not only educational development, but people-to-people Diplomacy, cultural exchange and Medical Tourism to enable people in underdeveloped countries have access to comprehensive health care examinations, and medical services in South Korea.

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