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Speaker Koffa Embraces Transparency, Accountability

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MONROVIA: House Speaker, Cllr. Jonathon Fonati Koffa has vowed to ensure transparency and accountability through a joint collaboration with the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission to combat corruption in Liberia.

Cllr. Koffa represents Grand Kru County district#2 in the House of Representatives.

He is also the Speaker of the 55th Legislature. He has played an advocacy role to ensure not only a transparent and accountability leadership but zero tolerance on corruption at the legislature under his Speakership.

To kick-start rolling his vision for a corruption free legislature, on Friday, February 16, 2024, Speaker Koffa, alongside fellow lawmakers, welcomed the Chairperson of the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC), Cllr. Alexandra Kromah Zoe, and her team to his Capitol Building Office.

During the courtesy visit, the LACC Boss, Cllr. Zoe extended congratulations to the Speaker on his election. She emphasized the critical need for collaboration between the LACC and the National Legislature in the ongoing fight against corruption.

This collaboration includes supporting the passage of anti-corruption bills aimed at strengthening Liberia’s institutional framework against graft, she emphasized.

In response, Speaker Koffa expressed gratitude for the recognition and reaffirmed the House of Representatives’ commitment to working closely with the LACC to root out corruption effectively.

He commended Cllr. Zoe and her team for their remarkable efforts in combating corruption and pledged full cooperation of the Legislative Branch in promoting transparency and accountability across the nation.
The meeting underscored the shared determination of both institutions to tackle corruption head-on, recognizing it as a significant obstacle to Liberia’s development and prosperity.

By joining forces, the House of Representatives and the LACC aimed to enact robust measures that will safeguard public resources, enhance governance standards, and restore public trust in Liberia’s institutions.

The collaboration between the Speaker and the LACC reflects a broader commitment within Liberia’s government to prioritize anti-corruption efforts and uphold integrity in public service.

It sends a clear message that no individual or entity is above the law and that collective action is essential in the fight against corruption.
As Liberia continues its journey towards sustainable development and good governance, such partnerships between government institutions and anti-corruption agencies are vital for building a more transparent, accountable, and prosperous nation.

Speaker Fonati Koffa for his part pledged the Houses collaboration with the LACC in taking positive steps to ensuring the fight against corruption is tackled.

He stated the House shall join the LACC in battling corruption by holding public officials accountable.

Upon taking his oath of office Speaker Fonati Koffa vowed to ensure a transparent and accountable Legislature.
He called insisted that it was now time for the Legislature to do business in a more transparent manner to attract public confidence.

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