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Boakai Has Not Made Strong Start …CENTAL Boss Asserts

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MONROVIA: Anderson Miamen, Head of Center for Transparency and Accountability in Liberia (CENTAL), says since President Joseph Nyuma Boakai’s ascendency to the Liberian Presidency, he “has not made a strong start, so far.”

Mr. Miamen said the Liberian leader “should set high standard by publishing his assets, incomes and liabilities.

In a writeup on his Facebook page, the CENTAL boss asserted that True leadership requires very strong “Political Will”.

And “Strong Political Will” requires leading by example and going beyond the normal to show to others how things are done, rightly.

“Thankfully,” he added, “President Joseph Boakai has made it clear that he will deviate from the past by being corruption -free, more accountable and transparent.”

“While this is welcoming, it has to be shown by and through his initial actions and the ones that follow, throughout his administration. From the look of things, he has not made a very strong start in terms of matching his words with deeds,” Miamen added.

According to him, President Boakai is making some questionable appointments, while the audits he has requested for only cover the Ex-president George Weah’s administration, “when they should be extended to the days of Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and himself, while serving as Vice President.”

“Audits and accountability should be holistic and not otherwise. Also, the president took nearly three weeks before declaring his assets, incomes and liabilities with the LACC. Unlike Senator Dillon and others, he is yet to publish his assets,” the CENTAL Boss further observed.

“The Legislature, which has been largely non-complaint when it comes to assets declaration, appears to be leading the president and his executive branch of government on this. We cannot point to the president and any executive actors or appointees publishing their assets, so far. More than two Legislators have done so already,” Miamen stressed.

“In short, President Boakai needs to start on a very strong note. He is not doing so at the moment. Even forming his cabinet is taking longer than expected. With his ‘experience” and having been announced as a winner of the presidential election in November 2023, he should not be struggling to form his government,” CENTAL added.

Miamen: “Also, the president needs to publish his assets, incomes, and liabilities and require same of his officials. If lawmakers can do it, why not the president and his executive branch that are enforcing the law?”

“The president’s Words must be matched by his actions. At the moment, his words are far ahead of his actions, especially in leading by example when it comes to Transparency and Accountability,” CENTAL added.

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