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Collective Society of Liberia Petitions House For Inclusion in Nat’l Budget

by News Manager

MONROVIA: The Collective Society of Liberia, a constitutionally recognized entity comprising five distinct bodies, namely: Liberia Movie Union, Musicians Union of Liberia, Liberia Association of Writers, Liberia National Cultural Union, and Union of Liberia Artists, took a significant step on Tuesday by submitting a petition to the House of Representatives for inclusion in the national budget.

Bernard Blue Benson Jr, Chair on Information Broadcasting & Tourism, received the petition on behalf of the House and promptly delivered it to the Speaker, Cllr. J. Fonati Koffa.

During the short ceremony, Speaker Koffa assured the Collective Society of Liberia that the House, through its committee on Ways, Means, and Finance, would review their request. He further stated that necessary adjustments would be made during the budgetary process to allocate resources for their initiatives.

The event was attended by key figures, including Frank Saah Foko, Bernard Blue Benson, Jerry Yogboh, and Steve Tequah among others.

Over the years, the Collective Society of Liberia has faced numerous challenges, resulting in the setback of its members. Dreams have been shattered, and many have transitioned into businesses, politics, and even more unfortunate circumstances.

The lack of capacity-building programs, positive engaging activities, and proper guidance have exacerbated the situation due to insufficient support from the national government and the general public.
Piracy, coupled with corruption within the copyright system, has further crippled the marketing system of the industry. Unpatriotic directors accepting bribes from pirates have contributed to this detrimental situation.
In response to these challenges, the Collective Society of Liberia has embarked on a reform agenda. This ambitious initiative aims to provide a responsible and strategic response to the changing development circumstances of the entire industry.
The vision is deliberately audacious, aiming to awaken national consciousness, hope, and action to mobilize social and political capital for the future of Liberia’s creative industry.
The Collective Society of Liberia is optimistic that, with the support of the House of Representatives and the wider community, these reforms will mark the beginning of a revitalized and thriving cultural sector.

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