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Statistics: A Cornerstone Of Nat’l Development -Says Dr. Teakon Williams

by News Manager

By: Varney Dukuly (In Ghana)

MONROVIA: World Bank Project Officer in Liberia, Dr. Teakon Williams, has called on graduates of Institute of Population Studies at the University of Liberia to join former students in the attainment of vital statistics that would contribute to national development.

Dr. Williams said understanding statistics offers a lens through which we can understand and interpret the complexities of the world.

“I want to re-emphasize here that the CEST programme, as the only statistical training institution in Liberia, has paved and will continue to pave the way for harmonizing and improving statistics particularly in Liberia, and West Africa as a whole,” said Dr. Williams.

“We, again, thank the faculty and staff of the CEST programme for the great work that has been going on for decades now,” he asserted.

The Certificate in Statistics was the first Program since the establishment of the University and other private Universities to provide statistical support to line ministries, agencies, and commissions with statisticians since 1980.

He stressed that statistics has helped in the attainment of vital information that contributes to GDP numbers, Consumer Price Index (CPI), Producer Price Index (PPI), national accounts, population surveys, agriculture surveys, health and demographic surveys, household income and expenditure surveys, amongst others.

Dr. Williams said statistics is a powerful instrument for progress, prosperity, and social justice.

“As we navigate the complexities of the 21st century, let us embrace statistics as a guiding light, illuminating the path towards a more inclusive, sustainable, and resilient future for our nation and the world,” he said.
He assured the University of Liberia, which hosts the Institute of Population Studies with nonstop efforts of LISGIS/HISWA, through the World Bank, will continue to support statistical training, including capacity-building at the IPS.
Through support from the bank, it has already begun with the training of 20 students at the master level, who are already in the country, Dr. Williams added.

“We currently have another 20 expected in the country by 30 September 2024, adding to the graduation of CEST students today. We, again thank the UL authority for such progress,” he emphasized.

As for Statistics in the context of national development, he said, it serves as the cornerstone of evidence-based policy, decision formulation, strategic planning, and resource allocation.

Dr. Williams, serving as a Keynote Speaker to over forty students explained the ways in which statistics contributes to national development.

He said: “By disaggregating data along demographic lines such as age, gender, ethnicity, and socioeconomic status, we can identify disparities and inequities that may hinder inclusive growth and social cohesion.”

To this end, he added, policymakers can design interventions aimed at reducing inequality, expanding access to essential services, and promoting social justice for all citizens.

Dr. Williams: “For you the graduates here today, I urge you to join the former students who entered universities; worked in the public and private sectors; and became supervisors, directors, specialists, and ministers.”

“Statistics will remain the guiding light, illuminating the path toward a more inclusive, and sustainable development process in Liberia,” he said.

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