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EFFL Rejects Boakai’s Appointments But….

by News Manager

BY: Frank P. Martin

MONROVIA: The Commander-In Chief of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFFL), Emmanuel Gonquoi, has declined his nomination to the post of Deputy Minister for Planning and Man Power at the Ministry of Labor.

Gonquoi was appointed by President Joseph Nyuma Boakai recently, but he believes that such nomination was rearranged by certain individuals in President Boakai’s office “for their personal gains.”

In an interview with reporters yesterday, February 21, 2024, Mr. Gonquoi denied sending his name to the President for a job, instead, he enlisted three members of his Economic Freedom Fighters Party to President Boakai for possible appointments.
The EFF CIC named Steve Saah Kolubah, Prince Saah Bonnah and another person (whose name he didn’t mention) as officials of the Economic Freedom Fighters of Liberia who should be given job.

According to him, President Boakai signed their letters of appointments on Saturday, February 17, 2024, following a closed-door meeting with the President.

He narrated that his name was never mentioned in the meeting he held with President Boakai but recommended EFFL Chairman, Steve Saah Kolubah, for the posts of Deputy Director for Administration at the National Housing Authority (NHA) while his party’s Vice Chair for Planning and Economic Affairs, Prince Saah Bonnah, was recommended for the post of Deputy Minister for Planning and Man Power at the Ministry of Labor (MoL).

“But, I want to be very clear that among the names I submitted from our party for the President of Liberia to consider as an Alliance member was our National Chairman, CMSR Steve Saah Kolubah, who was first notified and whose letter of appointment was signed by H.E. Amb. Joseph N. Boakai. The chairman was also appointed to the National Housing Authority’s post of Deputy Director for Administration at the same time. Once more, the President of the Republic has signed the letter of appointment for CMSR Prince Saah Bonnah, Jr., our National Vice Chairman of Economic Affairs,” he revealed.

“ How can I facilitate my national chairman getting appointed while still accepting the exact role that I suggested that he should be appointed to? I will appear selfish. It will undermine my leadership credibility if I do this,” he noted.

Gonquoi said it baffled him to have seen swapping of his party’s officials by certain individuals who are closed to the Presidency by puting his name among the February 20, 2024, nominees, especially his surprise replacement.

“To be honest, they have to exercise caution, or else they will turn the Presidency into a source of bewilderment and laughter with their unprofessional behaviors. The president is nice and modest. By establishing an inclusive government, he is genuinely fulfilling his campaign promise; nevertheless, some individuals are attempting to gain power at the hands of the President by twisting his agenda,” he averred.

Emmanuel Gonquoi has disclosed that the leadership of his party has met with the Minister of State for Presidential Affairs, Sylvester Grisby, on the matter.

He assured his supporters of the President’s commitment to restore the EFFL national chairman and Vice Chair for Economic Affairs to their roles as Deputy Minister for Manpower Development at the Ministry of Labor and Deputy Director for Administration at the National Housing Authority.

“It has been resolved by the office of the President,” he clarified.

CIC Gonquoi maintained that he wants President Boakai to succeed and do well for the people of Liberia and as such he will ensure the requisite things are put into place.

He stressed that his party has good intention for the government and people of Liberia but described some individuals in the President’s cycle as being disrespectful. “It is just unacceptable in the EFFL,” he declared.

“The core of leadership is selflessness, not self-interest. In order to maintain harmony within our party, I made the tough decision to reschedule my appointment. It’s not simple to campaign for jobs for people when you don’t have one, which is why the Ministry of State celebrated me yesterday. Though doing so would have diminished my leadership standard and lowered my values, I would have said, Chairman, wait a little; I will talk for you. There’s more work ahead of you. For those who are hoping for or anticipating a misunderstanding between the President and us, you have gotten yourself a better job,” he added.

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