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Without My Knowledge: They Dropped The Case’ …Julie Endee Cries for Justice

by News Manager

MONROVIA: It was a dramatic scene on Wednesday, February 21, 2024, when Liberia’s Cultural Ambassador, Julie Endee, and hundreds of women gathered on the Grounds of the Executive Mansion on Capitol in Monrovia to complain to President Joseph Nyuma Boakai that her lawsuit filed against a talk show host, alias “Prophet Key,’’ has been dropped by state prosecutors without her knowledge.

Recently, Ambassador Endee filed a lawsuit against Prophet Key for alleged defamation of her character on his live Facebook Broadcast, accusing her of having in appropriate affairs with several high-profile Liberian politicians including former President Charles Ghankay Taylor, ex-President George Manneh Weah, and an official of the ruling Unity Party (UP) among others.

Ambassador Endee and the women went to the Executive Mansion Grounds to meet President Boakai, a day after state prosecuting lawyers allegedly dropped charges against Prophet Key at the Monrovia City Court.

Based on the request of the prosecuting lawyers, the Monrovia City Court, on Tuesday, February 20, 2024, dropped the charges against the accused.

The Prosecuting lawyers said they were dropping the charges against the accused for lack of sufficient evidence to prosecute Prophet Key.

The court’s decision of dropping the case against Prophet Key has triggered protest by Amb. Endee and several women groups who petitioned President Boakai to look into the matter.

Amb. Endee speaking to reporters on Wednesday, said she is a law-abiding citizen who, for over 30 years, demonstrated such attitude.

According to Ambassador Endee, she took the matter to court because she believes in due process of law and the justice system, and thought that justice would have prevailed in the case.

‘’I took the case to court and I filed in two petitions to the government of Liberia at the Circuit, Civil Law and Criminal Court. I filed a case against Yeazeahn, AKA Prophet Key’’, Amb. Endee said.

According to her, she doesn’t know ‘Prophet Key’ and had never met with him before and all she knows is that she filed a case against him.

Ambassador Endee further told reporters that the court did not ask her for any evidence to substantiate her claims against Prophet Key.

“You have the evidence in your hands. The evidence is there. Then I sued him in the Civil Law Court for defamation of my character, so there are two cases. We went to the first case. They said I should come on Friday at 9:00 Am. As a law-abiding citizen, I agreed. So, they asked Prophet Key to bring a bond by 1:00 Pm and if he fails to do so, he would have gone to jail,” she added.

Ambassador Endee: “I’m not interested in him going to jail, I am interested in justice, justice must prevail.”

Amb. Endee mentioned that without her knowledge and her legal counsels, Prophet Key was set freed of all charges, something which she described as “unfair.”

Endee stated that she was told it was Cllr. Bushuben Keita, Legal Advisor of the Ministry of State who asked the court to drop all charges against Prophet Key.

Ambassador Endee told reporters that when she contacted Cllr. Kieta, he admitted to asking the Court to drop the charges.

Endee quoted the Ministry of State’s Legal Advisor as indicating that he acted in line with “Freedom Act” and that he officially instructed the state prosecutors to drop the case against Prophet Key.

‘’I asked Keita if he is now the new Officer in Charge (OIC) of the Ministry of Justice.
Ambassador Endee: “He is just an appointee of the President of Liberia to advise him on legal issues. He has no authority or jurisdiction to act as the Minister of Justice for him to instruct the court. Even if the Ministry of Justice wants to kickout a case, it has to inform the conflicting parties and say because they don’t see magnitude or sufficient evidence, we are dropping the case, at least for me to be respected and my dignity restored. I just woke up and it was all over the place that the case has been dropped and by the time I went to the court, this document surfaced that yes, Cllr. Bushuben Keita, the Legal Advisor to the Ministry of State which is under another branch of government, is interfering into the affairs of another branch of government. This is wrong’’, declared Ambassador Endee.
Cllr. Bushuben Keita could not be immediately reached for comments on the issue.
Ambassador Endee and the protesting women group presented a letter to President Boakai, alleging that Prophet Key is disrespectful to womanhood.
Endeed said she went to the Executive Mansion to complain that a Presidential appointee was the one who instructed the Court to dismiss the case.

“With these two complaints, we want the President to intervene,” she added.
“I came peacefully to present this petition but in the case the petition is not received, I will ask all the women to leave and I will sleep here. I want them to receive this petition and once it is received, I will leave”.

“I am just appealing to the Executive Branch of Government which is headed by President Boakai who is a father to me for them to reach this petition to him. Let them listen to what Prophet Key said about me since they say, I don’t have evidence,” she told reporters.
I want justice, that is all I want. I’m not protesting against the President but against the attitude of Keita who is in error”, she narrated.

The women were seen singing and chanting: ‘’ We want justice, we tired of cussing,’’ among others.
Contributed by: Linda Gbartie

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