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To Strengthen Ties With Government: IMF Delegation Meets Pro-Tempore …Provides Recommendations Aimed At Bolstering Liberia`s Revenue Streams

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By: Patrick Cooper

CAPITOL HILL: A distinguished delegation from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) recently paid a visit to the office of President Pro-Tempore Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence, marking a significant step towards fortifying Liberia’s relationship with the IMF.

Headed by Mr. Montfort Mlachila, Deputy Director for the African Department, the IMF delegation also comprised Mr. Aidar Abdychev, Resident Representative for Liberia, and Mr. Daehaeng Kim, Deputy Division Chief.

During the meeting, Mr. Montfort Mlachila, extended felicitations to Pro-Temp Karnga Lawrence for her instrumental role in the recently concluded elections and the subsequent peaceful transition of power to a newly elected government.

He underscored the IMF’s commitment to collaborate with the Government of Liberia in pursuit of its objectives. Economic and technical matters, including financial reporting and enhancement of the financial sector, as key areas where the IMF pledges support to Liberia’s success.

Moreover, the IMF delegation emphasized the imperative for the Liberian government to address the challenge of timely reporting, citing deficiencies in reporting standards and adherence to international deadlines.

They stressed the importance of employing a proficient team of experts to ensure accurate and comprehensive reporting, thereby aligning Liberia with IMF reporting standards.

The IMF also provided recommendations aimed at bolstering the country’s revenue streams, including waivers of taxes and fees for mining companies and legislative reforms regarding perks.

Expressing gratitude for the productive engagement, President Pro-Tempore Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence affirmed the Senate’s unwavering commitment to enhancing financial management, accountability, and transparency within the country.

She highlighted the upcoming Senate retreat, in collaboration with the General Auditing Commission (GAC), which will concentrate on these crucial aspects. Pro-Tempore Karnga Lawrence emphasized the significance of implementing measurable programs that cater to the needs of the Liberian populace, thereby ensuring tangible outcomes and addressing budgetary shortfalls.

The meeting concluded on a note of optimism, with both parties expressing hope for a fruitful collaboration and a shared vision for a more prosperous Liberia. President Pro-Tempore Karnga Lawrence reiterated her commitment to fostering accountability and transparency within the government, essential elements for steering Liberia towards sustainable development.

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