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ICFM Summit Empowers Church Leaders

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MONROVIA: A transformative three-day Christian Leadership Summit, organized by the International Convention of Faith Ministries, concluded at the Revival and Miracle Center Church in the Gardnerville supermarket community.

The event, which commenced on Thursday, February 22, 2024, convened over two hundred pastors hailing from various churches across Liberia.

The conference was held under the theme: “FAITH TO CHANGE YOUR WORLD.”

The summit aimed to equip church leaders with essential tools for fostering effectiveness within their respective congregations.

The International Convention of Faith Ministries Inc., is a well-known global outreach group, covering over 20 countries. It is also dedicated to fostering spiritual growth.

Pastor Chas Stevenson, the Mission Director of ICFM, along with his wife, Joni Stevenson, from the Houston Faith Church in the USA, taught throughout the summit.

Pastor Chas underscored ICFM’s commitment to spreading messages of faith, love for Jesus, and training church leaders for congregational edification and enhancement.

The summit culminated on Saturday, February 24, 2024, with Apostle Ostranuel B. Kamara, the pastor of the Revival and Miracle Center Church, expressing gratitude to ICFM for bringing the conference to Liberia.

In an interview, he encouraged Liberian pastors to engage with the organization actively.

Throughout the program, attendees experienced powerful spiritual moments, feeling deeply touched by the word of God.

Several pastors expressed appreciation to ICFM for the impartation received during the summit, affirming their commitment to implementing newfound knowledge to enhance their ministries.

The overarching goal of the International Convention of Faith Ministries is to equip believers with the skills and knowledge necessary to navigate contemporary societal challenges while deepening their faith in God.

As the summit concluded, its impact resonates not only within the walls of the Revival and Miracle Center Church but also throughout Liberia’s diverse Christian community, fostering a renewed sense of purpose and empowerment among church leaders.

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