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As HOR Faces APEX Audit: Ghost Names Risk Removal From Payroll

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MONROVIA: In an effort to enhance transparency and ensure fair compensation for its workforce, the House of Representatives (HOR) has engaged the services of an independent auditing firm, APEX, to conduct a thorough examination of its payroll and personnel records.

Bong County Representative Marvin Cole, Chairman of the Rules Order and Administration committee, has called upon all employees to fully cooperate with the auditing firm during this process.

The primary objective is to eliminate discrepancies, including ghost names, from the payroll, ensuring that only legitimate employees receive their rightful benefits.

House Speaker, Cllr. Jonathan Fonati Koffa reassured employees that the initiative is not a witch-hunt but a proactive measure to streamline the payroll system.

He emphasized the leadership’s commitment to a clean and fair payroll, allowing staffers to receive their just benefits without any hindrance.

Deputy Speaker, Thomas P. Fallah, in a brief statement, emphasized the importance of dignifying Directors of the House of Representatives for motivation purposes.

Recognizing the crucial role Directors play in the functioning of the House, he stressed the need for a respectful and motivational work environment.

The House of Representatives remains dedicated to upholding the highest standards of accountability and efficiency.

The leadership assures employees that the audit is a step towards fostering a more transparent and equitable workplace.

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