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After ‘Ejection From Bujumbura Camp’ Thousands of Liberians Roam Ghanaian Streets…Returnees Network Calls For UNHCR, EU, Others Urgent Intervention

by News Manager

GHANA/ACCRA: Thousands of Liberians, believed to be refugees have been ejected from Bujumbura Camp by Ghanaian authorities.

Those affected by the latest removal from the camp, according to the Liberia Returnee Network, Inc., are now made homeless, and constrained to roam the principal streets of Ghana in search of accommodation and protection.

The Executive Director of the Liberia Returnee Network, Emmanuel Tyrone Marshall, told a local radio station in Monrovia that the Government of the Republic of Ghana had, long time ago, requested for the land which hosts the Bujumbura Refugees Camp, but the immediate past Government of Liberia had not positively responded to the request of the authorities in Ghana.

Speaking on the demolition of housing units of the Bujumbura Camp in Ghana where thousands of Liberians who fled the civil war went for refuge, Mr. Marshall disclosed that the Government of Ghana on Wednesday, February 28, 2024, began demolishing the camp which led to several Liberians including women, children and the elderly homeless.

Mr. Marshall described the situation faced by the Liberians as a serious emergency that warrants swift actions from the Liberian government by urgently facilitating the immediate return of the Liberians in that country.

The Liberian Returnee Network called on the Government of President Joseph Nyuma Boakai to send a high-powered Liberian Government delegation immediately to Ghana to address the plights of the Liberian returnees.

He also made a passionate plea to the International Community including the United Nations High Commission for refugees (UNHCR), European Union, Liberia National Red Cross Society, Liberia National Disaster Management Agency, other partners and individuals who have the means to provide urgent funding support to facilitate the immediate return of the victimized Liberians.

“If it is a charter flight or if they want to come by road. Ghana is willing to assist in this process,” he said.

Mr. Marshall recalled that the immediate past Government of Liberia, then headed by ex-president George Manneh Weah gave about between US$200, 000 to 300,000 to facilitate the return of the Liberians who, at the time, were residing in the camp. This assertion has not been independently confirmed.

He said the funds were intended for the network to help facilitate the return of the affected Liberians.
However, he disclosed that some former Liberian Government officials including Representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Liberia Immigration Service (LIS), among others allegedly received the money from the erstwhile administration of former President Weah and subsequently visited Ghana.

The Liberian officials later met with the Ghanaian Government and they reached a roadmap for the return of the Liberians.

The Ghanaian roadmap was spell out in terms of transporting our people along with their belongings in buses and transport them to Liberian borders, where they were scheduled to be picked by Liberian officials.

“There was a clear roadmap to bring Liberians on the camp back home but Liberia didn’t live up to their promise,” he emphasized.

“Liberia made no tangible effort, today here we are; what we were afraid of and talked about is now happening to the people,” he stressed.

The Ghanaian government cannot be blamed for this, they have done their part,” he maintained.

“Liberian Government has not been serious to put hands on this situation, which is why we are where we are today. We are just appealing to the National Disaster Management Agency and Liberia National Red Cross Society because this is an emergency situation; speedy intervention is what we need now and we should do our best to save the lives of Liberians and forget about the saying that the Ghanaians are not doing well,” said Mr. Marshall.

The Liberia Returnee Network Executive Director also stated that they have been receiving calls from the affected Liberians in Ghana about the demolition of the Bujumbura Camp in Ghana and the hardship and frustration faced by Liberians in that country.

He said that mothers and children are crying for much needed assistance from Liberia. Liberian Government is yet to comment on the situation. Contributed by: Linda Gbartie

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