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With Global Partners: CDC Already Engaged…Weah Replies Mulbah Morlu

by News Manager

By: Frank P. Martin

MONROVIA: Liberia’s former President and Standard-bearer of the erstwhile governing Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), George Manneh Weah, has strongly reacted to resigned Chairman of the CDC, Mulbuh Morlu’s, assertion that the CDC lacks solid international backing.

The situation, Morlu said, may have led to CDC’s defeat in the crucial 2023 Presidential and Legislative elections and the 14, November, 2023 Presidential runoff elections.

Mr. Morlu on February 27, 2024, tendered in his letter of resignation to CDC Standard-bearer, George Weah, relinquishing his posts both as National Chairman of the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC), and the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC).

In his letter of resignation, Morlu called on the CDC Standard-bearer to assemble a “proficient team of foreign policy experts” to engage with key Western Capitals such as Washington DC, Brussels, Number 10 Downing Street, among others.
Mr. Morlu told former President Weah that such engagements should involve discussions regarding international decisions made during the CDC’s past six-year tenure, aiming to rebuild confidence and provide assurances to our international partners.

Morlu to Weah: “As we endeavor to revitalize the CDC’s domestic and global political standing, I stress the importance of prioritizing the enhancement of relations with Washington and its invaluable allies.”

Morlu warned ex-President Weah that neglecting to capitalize on Liberia’s historical ties with the United States (U.S) would be a missed opportunity, especially considering Liberia’s strategic significance within America’s sphere of influence.

However, responding to Mr. Morlu’s latest assertions, former President Weah stressed that the CDC, as a grassroot political party, has continued to engage local and international institutions to strengthen its relations and image globally.

“I myself have maintained strong personal relationships and respect with manifold actors and institutions of the International Community,” Weah said in a communication to Morlu on Wednesday, February 28, 2024.

The CDC Standard-bearer stressed that the party will not disengage from having these friendly conversations with their international partners because the rationale is an existential necessity that has kept the party vibrant, progressive and strong.

Weah reminded Morlu that while it is true there have been several instances of disagreements with him (President Weah), over the period of his (Morlu’s Chairmanship of CDC), those differences evolved from his insistence to show respect for their partisans, respect for their leaders and respect, and adherence to the foundational tenets of the CDC.

“As it is with all democratic institutions, the CDC brings together Liberians from various social and political persuasions, which makes the Coalition’s views inevitable. It is our hope that the different perspectives we express on the discourse of the day ought to strengthen our resolve to continually seek the interest of our people,” the CDC political leader further told former Chairman Morlu.

Weah, in his response, further stressed that CDC, as a grassroots’ political party, has had to constantly evolve in order to meet the basic needs of its constituents and the Liberian people as a whole.

“We look forward to yet another hopeful period of transition to a new and more vibrant leadership,” Weah informed Mr. Morlu who is now said he will serve as an advocate on national issues but from a civil society perspective.

Weah confirmed receipt of Morlu’s letter of resignation and expressed gratitude to the former Chairman of the CDC for his service to the Coalition over the years.

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