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From January 2024: MOT Generated Millions

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  • Ex-OIC Reveals

MONROVIA: The outgoing Officer-in-Charge (OIC) of the Ministry of Transport (MOT), Madam Hannah Gweh-Sherif, has disclosed that under her watch, more than US$1million and LD$13m has been generated for the Government of Liberia.

The Transport Ministry outgoing OIC puts the total amounts of funds generated since she took over the affairs of the Ministry on January 22, 2024, to US$1,129,550,42; and L$ L$13,648,559.24.

“I am pleased to express that during the period, I diligently worked with all Directors and Sectional Heads to ensure the daily workings of the MOT, ranging from administrative engagement to the delivery of services,” she indicated.

The OIC revealed that since she took over on January 22,2024, she diligently worked with all workers and all Directors as well as sectional heads of the Ministry ranging from administrative engagement to the delivery of services to taxpayers.

Speaking over the weekend when she officially turned over to the new Transport Minister, Mr. Sirleaf R. Tyler, Madam Gweh-Sheriff indicated that for motor vehicles, the Ministry, under her watch, generated US$ 975,805.42 while in the Liberian dollars, it generated L$11,643,275.04.

She also revealed that for Drivers Licenses, the Ministry generated US$ 143,445.00 and L$1,888,123.20.

According to her, for “Eligibility,” MOT also generated US$10,300.00 and L$112,152.00.

Madam Hannah Gweh-Sherif said the amounts were deposited to the Government of Liberia (GOL)revenue as the MOT’s contribution to the Consolidated Account.
The Ministry of Transport is a government agency and functions to perform the state management of road, rail, inland waterway, sea and air transport nationwide, and of public services according to law.
At the same time, Madam Gweh-Sherif asserted that on January 29, and February 9, 2024, she was privileged to organize a seven-man team to receive a team of foreign investors who expressed their interest in investing in the Liberia’s transport sector.

Madam Hannah Gweh-Sherif who is also Human Resource Director of the Ministry noted that, details of discussion are embedded in her turnover notes for submission to office of the Minister.

She, however, informed the New Transport Minister that, on January 2024, the MOT was guttered by a mysterious fire outbreak.

As Officer-in-Charge, she was able to collaborate with the Management of the Modern Development and Management Corporation (MDMC) to give financial assistance to the ministry to help give the ministry a facelift with the collective efforts of the general staff particularly the janitors.

“We also held meetings with all workers and all directors as well as sectional heads of the ministry to ensure the re-introduction of the dress-code, and wearing of the identification cards,” she said.

According to her, her leadership maintained a cordial and harmonious working relationship among sectional heads of the ministry as well enjoyed a very responsive output, as evidenced by the revenues collected and sense of unity and cohesiveness among the employees.

For his part, the new Transport Minister, Mr. Sirleaf R. Tyler, lauded President Joseph Nyuma Boakai for his preferment and promised to justify the confidence reposed in him for the better of the country.
He also thanked madam Gweh-Sheriff and the MOT staffs for their hard work.

Meanwhile, a media group known as African Media Network of Liberia, has honored her as ‘Most ‘Outstanding Staff of the Era.

They also praise her for her dedicated services to the ministry as well as her work since she was employed and elevated to the position of Director of the Human Resource.

The media group known as African Media Network also presented its certificate of honor to her at the ministry.

Flanked by her family and Transport Ministry staff and other top Transport Ministry officials during the program, Madam Gweh-Sherif hailed the media entity for the honored and promised to always live by example.

Having received the certificates of honor, Madam Sheriff dedicated the award to her family and staffs of the ministry for their farsightedness and direction which have led her to receiving the award.

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