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KINJOR: The Board of Directors and Senior Management of Bea Mountain Mining Corporation has read with utter dismay, statements by some Liberians, calling for the removal of its Country General Manager, Mr. Debar W. Allen (himself a Liberian). The statements and protests allege that Mr. Allen is responsible for the actions and inactions of the Company in matters concerning the performance of its obligations in the various communities and the Country.

For the record, Mr. Allen joined the Company in 2013 as a result of a nationwide search by the then CEO and President of Aureus Mining Company Mr. David Reading, with the approval of the Board of Directors. Contrary to what some may believe, the position of Country General Manager (General Manager for Country Affairs) is not occupied by a person recommended by the Government of Liberia. In fact, no such positions exist within the structure of the Company. The Mineral Development Agreement (MDA) that Bea Mountain holds with the Government of Liberia calls for the hiring of qualified and competent Liberians, with no obligations to hire from any specific counties.
Mr. Allen is a model employee and Manager with an impeccable service record. Companies look for employees of such that are ready, willing and able to serve with such long-term commitment and distinction. Bea Mountain Mining Corporation is Liberia’s first and largest commercial gold producer, providing
providing employment opportunities for more than 3500 Liberians, and he has contributed enormously to this success story with his commitment, dedication and expertise.
The Board of Directors and Senior Management of Bea Mountain Mining Corporation has NO intentions of seeking his resignations. It is also important to emphasize that whatever actions taken or not taken by the Company cannot and should not be attributed to any
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one Manager, so the idea that Mr. Allen is responsible for the company not meeting its obligations to employees and communities cannot be further from the truth. As a member of a team of more than 10 Managers that runs the business here in Liberia, he is continually seeking creative ways by which the Company can strengthen its social license both in the project areas and the country at large. An example is the additional commitment to communities today known as the Clan Development Fund which he suggested and championed because the County leaders failed to access and utilize the Community Development Fund that now exceeds 1.3 million USD.
We call on those seeking his resignation or removal to cease and desist and instead join the company in finding more positive ways to strengthen the symbiotic relationships between the Company, the host communities and the country. No amount of pressure or protest will cause the company to act illegally against any of its employees.
Our confidence in our General Manager for Country Affairs, Mr. Debar W. Allen, remains strong, unwavering and uncompromising as he continues to serve at the will and pleasure of the CEO and Board of Directors.
Serhan Umurhan

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