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2024 Budget Hits US$692m

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MONROVIA: The House of Representatives has received the draft national budget for 2024, totaling USD $692 million from the Ministry of Finance.

The submission, led by Finance Minister Boimah Kamara and his three Deputies, marks a crucial step in the fiscal planning and governance of the nation.

In a formal handover ceremony held on Thursday, 14 March, Deputy Speaker, Thomas Fallah, received the budget on behalf of the House.

Despite the current first quarter break, Deputy Speaker Fallah assured the public that the House’s committee on Ways, Means, and Finance would diligently review the budget during the break period.

This thorough review process aims to ensure that each member has the opportunity to scrutinize the budget comprehensively and consult with their constituents effectively.

Deputy Speaker Fallah emphasized the importance of crafting a budget that prioritizes the needs of ordinary citizens across the country.

He expressed his hope that the budgetary allocations would reflect the aspirations and concerns of Liberians from all walks of life.

The submission of the draft national budget underscores the government’s commitment to responsible financial management and inclusive development.

As Liberia moves forward, the House of Representatives remains dedicated to fostering transparency, accountability, and the welfare of its citizens through prudent fiscal policies.

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