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For All Citizens: Create More Opportunities… Pro-Tempore Karnga Lawrence Asserts

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By: Patrick Cooper

MONROVIA: The President Pro-Tempore of the Liberian Senate, Nyonblee Karnga Lawrence, has encouraged fellow national leaders to be deliberate in creating equal opportunities for all Liberians.

She said, “if we must create opportunities for Liberians to develop the quality human capital which is needed to create quality jobs and accelerate inclusive economic growth, let us do so as a deliberate action.”

Speaking on Friday, March 15, 2024, at a program commemorating the 215th birth anniversary of the First President of Liberia, Joseph Jenkins Roberts (late), under the theme: “Creating opportunity”- the ultimate tool for building the quality human capital needed to create quality jobs and accelerate inclusive economic growth, Pro-Tempore Karnga Lawrence noted that it was an honor for her to participate in the celebration and legacy of a man whose instrumental leadership helped laid the foundational cornerstone for Liberia`s independence in 1847.

She described as a magnificent job being done by the J.J. Roberts Education Foundation.
Every year, the JJ Roberts Foundation organizes Special Program that memorializes the life of a patriot, a noble statesman, and a national hero whose worthy sacrifices to our nation cannot be forgotten.

The Pro-Tempore said, looking through history, March 15, is not just a celebration of a former President`s birthday, but a celebration of a visionary educator, peacemaker, reconciler.

She asserted that President Roberts was a unifier, and patriot who went beyond borders on the global stage to fight for his Country`s recognition as an independent or sovereign state.

Touching on education, Senator Lawrence pointed out that “If Liberia, as a national policy option, invests in education at all levels, national leaders must do so without the sole intension of accruing political benefits, and realizing that because the urgency of time demands that they should do so.

According to her, it is a common knowledge that education is the key to unlocking a brighter future for all of humanity and that Liberia is no exception.

Pro-tempore Karnga Lawrence continued that they, as national leaders, must realize that education is meant for service to humanity, and that, if there was ever a time when Liberia needed men and women with unbending characters rooted in love for Country, compassion, dedication and patriotism, now is that time.

She noted that Liberians face many challenges in their quest for education, including limited access to quality schools, lack of educational materials and financial barriers.

Pro-Temp Karnga Lawrence said by investing in education, they as leaders must support initiatives that promote gender equality, inclusion and diversity in the classroom.

Madame Karnga-Lawrence: “We must invest in teachers training, infrastructure and curriculum development that include STEM education, which means prioritizing science, technology, engineering and math and TVET.”

According to Pro-temp Karnga Lawrence, “this is the surest way we can equip the youths with the skills and knowledge they need to compete globally, and take charge of the extractive and digital sectors of our Country.”

“I am of the view that by working together as a country, we can break down these barriers and open up new possibilities for the people of Liberia to work and realize their full potential,” Pro-Temp Karnga Lawrence maintained.

The female Senator further observed that the current state of the country, obviously, does not represent what the forefathers envisaged Liberia to be.
“The present, as you can see, is riddled with mediocrity, lack of nationalism, no patriotism, and indifference to the plight of the ordinary people, greed and inordinate quest for personal wealth,” she said.

According to her, all of these events are unfolding at the time Liberia is witnessing the nuisance of illicit drugs and substance abuse especially among the Country`s youthful population.

Pro-temp Lawrence indicated that the crippling effects of drug abuse are a single most national catastrophe, which is robbing the nation of its valuable assets.

“As we celebrate the 215th birth anniversary of Liberia`s first President, we cannot be sure that we will achieve these significant national developments if we fail to institute radical approaches,” she noted.

According to her, national leaders must also commit to doing so to avert the trend of the young people abandoning high schools and universities to live in the ghettoes and become traders and consumers of illicit drugs, to terrorize the streets and communities.

She mentioned that Liberia has good friends in the International Community who have, and will continue to assist us in the development process, but noted, that leaders have the responsibility to sustain national development.

She said this cannot be achieved if the future leaders cannot be adequately prepared to take up the challenges.

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