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ECOWAS completes FAWE School Renovation… in Kroo Bay community

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BO/Sierra Leone: The Economic Countries of West African States through its Volunteers Programme (EVP) country office in Sierra Leone has completed the renovation of t FAWE Primary School rl project as part of their its project implementation.

The school renovation project undertaken by EVP aims tackling various issues including health hygiene standards, safety concerns arising from damaged zinc roofing, better learning conditions in the impoverished area, promotion of educational equity through the provision of a comfortable learning environment among others.

During the handover ceremony at the school campus, the team received praise from Mr. George Amara, the headmaster, on behalf of his students and the community at large.

Amara give account of the state of the school prior to the EVP team’s intervention, pointing out the damaged zinc roofing, weakened pillars supporting the building, and a shortage of books in the library.

He claimed that EVP had improved his school and prevented an impending building collapse from having a detrimental effect on the community.

He also discussed his situation with the minister, stating that he and his team of community teachers have been working for the past 11 years without getting paid; urging the Minister pursue his team case at the Ministry of Education.

Also speaking the Regional Coordinator, Madame Monique Bowmanere, who personally chose the school during her time as a country coordinator, said that her inspiration came from her previous community project, which involved providing free medical testing in honor of ECOWAS Celebration Day in 2024.

According to her during that period, she c realizefld that Kroo Bay is among the most impoverished communities in Freetown and that it requires support from the community.

The EVP Country Coordinator, Mr. Preaches Gbessagee, provided a summary of the updated project and recounted the condition of the school when he took over from Madam Monique in carrying out the project.

He emphasised that the school lacked the necessary furnishings and structure to create a comfortable learning environment and was in a state of disrepair.

The head of the ECOWAS National Office, Mr. Komba Momoh, thanked ECOWAS Youth and Sport Development Centre for providing funding to carry out the project and makes a plead for them to keep sending more volunteers to Sierra Leone in order to assist the nation in developing its human resources.

Meanwhile, Minister Kenyeh Barley outlined few historic contributions made by ECOWAS to West Africa in sectors like health, education, agriculture, electricity, and financial support for the region’s development.

She claimed that the president’s top priority, developing human capital, aligns with the volunteers’ pet project of renovating FAWE School.
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