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Dan Saryee Back At IREDD

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MONROVIA: The Institute for Research and Democratic Development (IREDD) proudly announces the successful completion of a comprehensive three-day Strategic Review under the theme: “Repositioning for Strategic Engagement to Influence Public Accountability, Transparency, and Increased Local Participation in National Decision-Making Processes.”

This pivotal event, held from March 18 – 20, 2024, marks a significant milestone in IREDD’s commitment to fostering a more accountable and transparent governance framework in Liberia.

At the helm of this initiative is our esteemed founding Executive Director and current Senior Policy Director, Dan Torkamawon Saryee. With a distinguished background in politics, development, and leadership, Dan Saryee is poised to spearhead IREDD’s efforts in driving forward our agenda to enhance government accountability, transparency, and active citizen engagement.

According to IREDD press release issued on Monday March 25, 2024, the Strategic Review, conducted with the support and guidance of USAID Democracy International staff Alvin M. Zawolo and Florence Nyarku, meticulously assessed the current development landscape, identifying opportunities and addressing the pressing need for civil society engagement. Embracing the evolving role of social media and technological advancements, the review underscored the importance of leveraging diverse social accountability approaches to promote transparency in the utilization of public funds, decisions, and policies governing Liberia’s vast natural resources.

IREDD recognizes the challenges facing Liberia in recent years, including economic instability, systemic breakdowns, and pervasive corruption. These critical issues underscore the urgent need for amplified civil society voices. As Liberia charts a new course under the leadership of President Joe Boakai, IREDD is committed to supporting the administration’s “ARREST” agenda by fostering an environment conducive to collaboration between development partners and civil society organizations.

Drawing on over two decades of expertise in social accountability tools, advocacy, and community empowerment, IREDD will engage with stakeholders across diverse sectors, including communities, multinational corporations, government agencies, and development partners. Together, we aim to establish a new paradigm for holding government institutions accountable, amplifying citizens’ voices, and promoting transparency in natural resource governance.

Central to IREDD’s mission is the pursuit of socioeconomic justice, good governance, and democracy in Liberia and across Africa. Through rigorous analysis of governance challenges and the promotion of constructive dialogue between society and government, we endeavor to strengthen the rule of law, enhance public service integrity, and empower marginalized voices across the nation.

With our national headquarters in Monrovia, supplemented by a field office in Zwedru, Grand Gedeh County, and strategic partnerships with local community-based organizations (CBOs) across all 15 counties, IREDD remains steadfast in our commitment to driving positive change and building a more equitable and transparent society.

About IREDD:
The Institute for Research and Democratic Development (IREDD) is an independent, nonpartisan organization with over 20 years of experience dedicated to promoting socioeconomic justice, good governance, and democracy in Liberia and beyond. Through our work, we strive to address the root causes of governance challenges, foster citizen participation, and advocate for policies that enhance transparency, accountability, and inclusive development.

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