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Assets Seizure Questioned!.. As S/Court Holds Meeting Today

by News Manager

MONROVIA: The Supreme Court of Liberia on Thursday, March 28, allowed a lawsuit to proceed that accuses the Government Asset Recovery Team of violating the principle of Natural Justice by drawing a new set of Executive Order lines this year.

The ruling prompted the petitioner and Manager of Gracious Ride, Francis T. Blamo, to ask the Court to intervene and hear the other side of the case.

Recently, President Joseph Nyuma Boakai issued a directive, urging ex-government officials to, without any delay turn over all assets of government in their possession.

The President mandated the Government Asset Retrieval Team to identify, trace and retrieve all assets of government in and out of Liberia.

But, one of the affected parties, Gracious Ride, filed a lawsuit in the Supreme Court, accusing the Asset Recovery Team of failing in its duties and asking the court to draw new map that would be used in 2024 and beyond.
The Asset Recovery Taskforce, headed by Cllr. Edwin Kla Martin, has attempted to have the lawsuit dismissed.

The plaintiff won a key victory last week when the Supreme Court Justice in Chambers, His Honor Yussif D. Kaba, stated that the lawsuit could continue and that a conference should be held today, Monday, April 1, 2024, at the hour of 11:00 am.

“Meanwhile, you are ordered to release all vehicles seized and stay all seizure, pending the outcome of the conference,” Justice Kaba said.

On Thursday, the Supreme Court upheld a “Writ of Prohibition” filed by the petitioner that argued that the Asset Recovery Taskforce did not have the authority to seize over 20 of its vehicles.
The ownership of Gracious Ride is believed to be Executive Mansion’s former Chief of Protocol, Nora Finda Bondo.

The Company’s lawsuit is also moving forward with a hearing scheduled this Monday with the Justice in Chamber, Yussif D. Kaba.
“President Boakai places premium,” said the Executive Mansion, “on the highest standards of commitment, integrity and patriotism as hallmark of public service, and has been urging officials of government to exercise and demonstrate these principles at all times.

The team has also attempted to seize a vehicle said to be the property of the former Police Inspector General, Patrick Sudue.

Former Inspector Sudue expressed disappointment that his family was removed from the car without any acknowledgement of his societal status.

“Even if they want to investigate the vehicle, do they have to treat my family in such a manner? Am I someone who is fleeing or difficult to locate? I have held a significant position in this country, and respect should be accorded,” he told news men.

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