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Bea Mountain Gives Ramadan Rice To Host Communities

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KINJOR, GRAND CAPE MOUNT: Bea Mountain Mining Company before the start of the Holy fast month of Ramadan for Muslims, made several donations to Muslim brothers and sisters in the affected communities of their mining operations.

The donation was part of the company’s way of showing love to the Muslim community in the communities. A host of assorted items was given by the Community Relations Team.

The team said, “as a tradition, we have come to identify with our Muslim family here. As you know, this is a normal tradition for us. Every year, at the start of the Ramadan month, we make donations to you. It is not the first time

The company, through the Community Relations Department distributed the Ramadan rice to residents of Jenneh Brown, M’baloma, Macca, Jawajei, Deayelle, Blain Jikandor, Malina, Korma, Vai Town, Silent Hill, and Garpu Village among others.

The Rice Distribution is the Company’s own way of identifying with the Islamic Communities during the Holy Month of Ramadan.

Beneficiaries of the communities were seen excited and expressed gratitude to BMMC for always identifying with them during the Holy Month of Ramadan.

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